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Creationists, Proudly Selling Lies to Children

Acting Liar-in-Chief at Creation Today, Eric ‘Son of Convicted Felon Kent’ Hovind, has recently been trumping the launch of his ‘Creation Club for Kids’, a series of thoroughly misleading, pro-Creationist horseshit peddling, slender tomes aimed at preaching anti-reality nonsense to children. He’s even set up a Facebook page which remains (for now) freely open to comments.

Obviously having an opportunity to tell Eric how utterly wrong he is about every single thing he says cannot be passed up on, so I posted the following comment –

I have a question, how do you square the Bible’s commandments not to lie with foisting heinous dishonesty on children?

For example, your organisation claims that the Grand Canyon was caused by the Biblical flood, yet this is clearly not the case if one examines the make up of the canyon. I know that Eric Hovind is aware of this, as I’ve discussed it on a podcast with him – yet he continues to tell these huge lies.

Are you of the opinion that the ends justify the means? That using any falsehood necessary is fully justified if you ‘win’ a ‘soul’ for Jesus?

I wonder if Creation Today will follow in the footsteps of every other Creationist group on Facebook, and ban me after deleting my comment?

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3 thoughts on “Creationists, Proudly Selling Lies to Children

  1. I believe they have a two-pronged approach.

    1) Be as stupid as possible and learn as little as possible, that way you’re technically not lying, you’re just speaking out of ignorance.

    2) Firmly place one finger in each ear and scream LALALALALLALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LLALALALALALALALA when somebody tries to point out any issues with your ignorant logic.

    So far, it seems to be working.

    Also, of course lying is ok. Haven’t you heard of the new rules? This guy Jesus apparently made it so the only requirement is to believe in him. You don’t actually have to be a good person or follow aaaannnyyy of the rules in the Bible as long as you believe in Jesus and say you’re sorry.

    All is good in the hood.

    ($20 says your comment doesn’t survive another 6 hours)

  2. xu1997 on said:

    Pathetic!!!! Who knows how the grand canyon was formed for sure? Who was there to tell us? Nobody, that’s right.

    Nothing to do with whether God exists or not.

    This is a desperate attempt to use the words of a fool to prove there is no God.

    Silly argument on all points.

    Please , has anybody got any proof there is no God?

    All I keep seeing is lame retorts to comments made about a belief.

    You atheists must have some great proof that there is no God, otherwise there would be no point to this site.

    So what is it?? What is the great proof there is no God???!!!

    Dont expect anything intelligent from you Alex but surely there’s an athiest here that has the proof.

    If so what is it????!!!!

    Im all ears.


    • Alex Botten on said:

      Glenn, as an atheist I hold the view that there is no evidence for the existence of any gods. As I hold a negative position the onus is upon you, the holder of the positive position, to provide evidence that supports your position.

      If I came to you and said ‘Invisible lazer knights exist!’ then you would (rightly) ask me to prove it, and if I replied ‘Well, you can’t prove that they don’t, therefore they do…I WIN!!!! CHECK MATE INVISIBLE LAZER KNIGHTEIST!’ you would (also rightly) assume I was insane.

      No-one can prove that gods don’t exist, just as no-one can prove the Invisible Lazer Knights don’t exist. The problem has arisen because the faithful insist that their gods DO exist, but have singularly failed to provide a single piece of convincing evidence to support their claims in the entire history of humankind.

      So, Glenn, what evidence do you have that your version of your particular god exists, and that it is the ‘right’ one?

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