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Yeah! Fuck the World! Jesus is Coming so it Doesn’t Matter!

Click here for some truly idiotic illustration from Jack Chick.

It’s this ‘the Earth is indestructible’ attitude held by insane fundies that presents one of the clearest reasons I oppose religion – they are using faith in myths as an excuse to recklessly destroy the only place we have to live, they are genuinely putting all our lives at risk (and the lives of our descendents).

So much for religion being ‘harmless’

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8 thoughts on “Yeah! Fuck the World! Jesus is Coming so it Doesn’t Matter!

  1. xu1997 on said:

    I had just about enough of the chidish,vicious and crude comments on this blog from atheists.

    Does being atheist go hand in hand with obscenity? Does a lack of belief in a higher power give one the right to say what they like no matter how disgusting?

    Its a bit disappointing,Iactually thought I might get some intelligent conversation on this blog.

    How wrong was I…..



  2. Pvblivs on said:


         I will tell you my experience. My experience is that christians tend to be just as rude, obnoxious, vulgar, and childish as atheists or (for that matter) anyone else. But atheists, on balance, consider the sensitivities of their audience and will refrain in environments where it is considered unacceptable. On the other hand, christians do not care about the thoughts or feelings of other people and simply go on the premise that “Jesus will forgive.” It’s a question of respecting boundaries.
         Now, if you are looking for a site without vulgarity, you have come to the wrong place. Alex has warned up front that this site is a haven for vulgarity, unlike my own blog where it gets deleted. I’m sorry, but you do not go into a movie rated ‘R’ for language and then complain about the foul language. Well, maybe you do; but you shouldn’t.

  3. Glenn, why do you go and tell your god on me? Maybe he’ll strike me down or something! Though, to be honest, I seriously doubt it, given that he doesn’t exist.

    • xu1997 on said:

      There has been many an atheist who has taken a stage and demanded before an audience that if there is a God “strike me down dead now”

      And nothing happened.

      That surely is proof there is no God.

      Say goodnight dear theealex, time for bed, the adults want to continue the discussion without children around.

      Son, if you are going to make a comment can you think about what might be an advancement in the intelligent stakes before you rattle off some childish bleet.

      You atheist have really got me thinking with all your convincing posts.



      p.s. Dont expect much will be added from you Alex.Have you got some other description of me that might amuse?

      Must run


      • Alex Botten on said:

        Glenn, looking back over your comments since you washed up on this blog reveals someone repeatedly claiming that I’ve not addressed his points whilst ignoring the fact that the ONLY points you’ve raised (why attack religion) has been directly addressed…more than once.

        As for calling me ‘son’…well, from my little bit of googling it would appear that you’re my junior, so perhaps you should reword that as well.

  4. xu1997 on said:

    Oh Alex your avoidance to engage in discussion is breathtaking.I’m a total bell end am I??

    Your impotence to address issues is more of a concern.

    You and you alone are the one who presides over a blog about a being that dosnt exist.

    Is it just me or is there something quite pathetic about your scenario??

    Drum roll for more Alex botten avoidance of difficult issues.

    Lovely to talk must run.


  5. Pvblivs on said:


         “Is it just me or is there something quite pathetic about your scenario??”
         It’s just you.
         “You and you alone are the one who presides over a blog about a being that dosnt exist [people who wish to give the ‘will; of their imagined god the full force of law].”
         First, it’s a good idea to correctly identify the thrust of the blog. I am happy to fix your error for you. Second, Alex is not the only one to preside over such a blog.

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