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March 31st, Day 91


Hezekiah Ahaz Speaks!!



Hezekiah Ahaz on Fundamentally Flawed

I’m uploading the 41st episode of Fundamentally Flawed right now, meaning you’ll all be able to listen to Hezekiah Ahaz aka Trinity aka Richard (brother of Nide it turns out, why he didn’t just say that to start with I don’t know) trying to convince Jim, Paul Baird and I that his god exists for almost two hours.

I’ll upload the link asap.

More Childish Whining from Bob Sorensen aka @PiltdownSupermn

Seemingly never satisfied unless he’s throwing a tantrum that would put a particularly spoiled toddler to shame, Bob ‘Never Right’ Sorensen has today dribbled out a blog post that is, even by his spectacularly low standards, thoroughly pathetic.

It’s the typical ‘oh woe is me, I’m a victim of the nasty atheists’ stuff we have come to expect from the perpetually blubbering manchild Sorensen, as this extract illustrates –

There are times when atheists portray themselves as harmless people who never bother anyone, and simply do not believe the way theists believe. So…

  • It must not be the atheists that troll YouTube material by Christians with ridiculous and often obscene comments, and vote down the video
  • It must not be the atheists who troll Christian groups in Facebook
  • It must not be the atheists who troll Amazon and vote down Christian books that they have not read
  • It must not be the atheists who are protesting more and more, trying to secularize America
  • It must not be the atheists who are trying to get the teaching of creation science and Intelligent Design outlawed, and pressure lawmakers with misinformation campaigns
  • It must not be the atheists who write Weblogs misrepresenting Christians (especially creationists), with equivocation, arbitrary assertions and sometimes by flat-out lying
  • It must not be the atheists who are attacking creationists and saying that we are wrong, even though they have no idea what we actually believe and teach. Hint: try actually reading the material, watching the videos and so on without looking for any little excuse to typo-pounce or some other lame excuse to say, “Gotcha!” Actually pay attention to the message instead of embarrassing yourselves with such blatant misrepresentation
  • It must not be the atheists who are trolling Weblogs by Christians, trying to pick fights and leave nasty comments
  • It must not be the atheists who are trolling Christians (especially creationists) on Twitter for the same reasons

What utter hypocritical, childish rubbish.

Other than the unintentional moment of critical self awareness at the end, it’s your usual nonsense from Bob. Hilariously he still seems to think that he has an audience that agrees with him, apparently unaware that his ‘Question Evolution Day’ pals have deserted him over on the Facebook page for that particular misadventure, whilst his entirely imagined ‘friends’ Nicky Andolini and Rhomphaia don’t even bother to comment on his blog any more. It comes to something when facets of ones own split personality can’t be bothered to pat you on the back, eh Bob?

I’d almost feel sorry for Bob, if he weren’t such a relentless wanker.

Bob Sorensen Passes Judgement, Apparently Without Reading What He’s Judged…

For some reason the Christian Post website seems to think that Creationist pip-squeak Bob Sorensen is the ‘go to guy’ when they want a quote from a Creatard, and have asked for his ‘opinion’ on the following story –

An atheist professor will soon be releasing the hardback version of a book chronicling his experiences attending creation science conferences and sites.

Already available on Kindle and Nook, Jason Rosenhouse‘s book, titled Among the Creationists: Dispatches from the Anti-Evolution Frontline, includes details about his visits, including to the Creation Museum.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Rosenhouse, who is an associate professor of mathematics at James Madison University in Virginia, explained his reasons for writing the book.

“In May 2000, having just finished my graduate studies in mathematics, I began a post-doc at Kansas State University. This was when the fracas over their science standards was still in full swing,” said Rosenhouse.

“I found out about a conference for religious homeschoolers to be held in Wichita…It turned out that all of the keynote speakers at the conference were from Answers in Genesis. This led me to become interested in learning more about the science of evolution and what my fellow conference attendees thought about it.”

Now, considering that Bob is only just boasting about having been contacted by the CP today, I can’t imagine he’s had much time to read Rosenhouse’s book, but that hasn’t stopped him from opining on it –

Bob Sorensen, who is part of the “Question Evolution Project,” told CP that he felt Rosenhouse’s account of Creation Science conferences is one that is harmed by Rosenhouse’s “own biases and presuppositions.”

“He complained about the lack of ‘scholarly literature in this area.’ Yet, there are many technical articles from a variety of scientific disciplines available online. Did he bother to check those, and the credentials of the creationist scientists?” said Sorensen.

“Frankly, most evolutionists that I have encountered online who attempt to discredit creation science are woefully uninformed as to what is really taught and believed by creationists.”

Is that so, Bob? Perhaps you didn’t read this?

He goes on to take a poorly aimed swipe at the recent Reason Rally –

Sorensen, however, said the Reason Rally was another example of “New Atheists” co-opting terms like “rational” and “realist” even when their arguments lack reason.

“I have stopped many atheists in their tracks who call themselves ‘rational’ and who love ‘reason,’ but utilize the most basic logical fallacies,” said Sorensen.

“Some of the greatest scientists, past and present, have been Bible-believing Christians. We need to reclaim the ground that has been surrendered to secularists, and realize that God gave us minds to use.”

Bob, I know you’re very very deeply deluded, but surely even you realise that you’ve never stopped a single non-believer ‘in their tracks’ with your complete failure to understand even the basics of logical reasoning.

The Christian Post would have got more sense out of a donkey.

Joe Cienkowski Wants You to Not Vote for Obama

From his website


The security of our country could at stake. The author researched and double checked the facts and has given this President a proper vetting. Our President has a radical past with a radical agenda, and is pulling the wool over America's eyes. See who the President really is. If we had known then what we know now, we wouldn't have voted him in the first time. See the results of the vetting which are 100 reasons not to vote for Barack Obama!


Yes! listen up bozos! The security of your country ‘could at stake’! The author has ‘double checked the facts’, please allow ‘2-4 weeks deliver’! Order your copy of ‘100 Reasons NOT to vote Barack Obama 4’ TODAY!

A Challenge to Nide aka Hezekiah Ahaz

Nide, you repeatedly claim that you are able to show atheists to be absurd. I challenge you to skype into Fundamentally Flawed and debate your presup beliefs.

If your argument is as good as you clearly think it is you should have no trouble reducing me to a gibbering idiot, and you’ll be able to show how amazing your god is in front of a potential audience of around 100,000.

Add theealex on skype and tell me when you’ll be able to appear.

Dodger Dan Still Doesn’t Understand Reality

Over at Dan Marvin’s witless ‘Debunking Atheists’ page, our witless host has again been showing himself as completely unaware of how reality actually works.

Yup, it’s the TAG again, and Dan still doesn’t understand it. I’ve tried to clarify things with this comment, and have reproduced it here so that you don’t have to waste your time on Dan’s dickish page if you don’t want to –

“Primacy if [sic] existence states that reality exists independent of consciousness but that does not account for universal consciousness and reasoning”

Why should it? It provides a rock solid reality for us to experience, allowing us to measure and quantify that reality, leading to reason being possible.

Again, you show s breathtaking lack of understanding of even very basic concepts here, Dan.

What the fuck is a ‘universal consciousness’??

“The reason is, is because God is the necessary precondition for the laws of logic which are necessary to distinguish between truth and falsehood.”

Simple re-asserting your baseless assertion STILL doesn’t make is true. The ‘necessary precondition for the laws of logic’ is, at the absolute bottom level’, a reality that exists whether conscious minds are there to experience it or not.

You see, Dan, not you, nor Syecular, nor your idol Bahnsen, not ANY of the other members of the (thankfully small) presubullshit crowd have EVER supplied a single shred of evidence to support your assertion that you need your particular version of your particular god for knowledge to be possible. You assert it over and over again, but you never provide any evidence at all.

Let me simplify the whole thing for you –

Objectivists – (as far as I understand it) Existence must ALWAYS come before consciousness, because one has to exist to be conscious, and objects have to exist for us to be conscious of them. The Primacy of Existence is an undeniable fact. The universe exists, looks EXACTLY as we would expect it to if it had occurred entirely naturally, and can be measured and altered. Basically reality is real, and we know that to be a fact. Accepting that our perceived reality is as it appears to be has allowed us to invent incredible tools to further measure that reality, and those tools have without fail shown us reality as it is.

Presubullshitters – basically accept the above so that they can then build their theist edifice on top, before shouting from the highest tower of their construction that reality actually all hangs DOWN from their building! You don’t just borrow from the objectivist worldview, you absolutely depend upon it as a foundation that allows you to then try and argue against it (and we all know how well THAT goes – remember when Dustin Segers claimed he’d debunked the Primacy of Existence, then had his arse handed to him by Dawson and others, leading to him deleting the whole post and pretending it had never happened? That was HILARIOUS).

SO, Dan, can you provide a SINGLE convincing argument that doesn’t first steal the concept you’re trying to disprove?

Bet you a quid that he replies with ‘How can you know anything for certain?’ (or words to that effect) instead of actually replying?



Creationists, Not Keen on Free Speech

From this day forward this is no longer a debating page. It is a page for discussion about His wonderful Creation between like-minded people. Everyone is of course welcome to come join in, read information posted but if you are an un-believer and you do not wish to be banned then take my words to heart. No debate, if you do not agree then may peace be unto you in you life journey. I hope one day you find the Lord for you better believe He has already found you. Thank you

With those words the ‘New Creation Science Page’ on Facebook has served notice that the moderators will no longer allow debate that doesn’t agree with their Creationist ideals. They follow in the footsteps of other Creationist forums such as Ken Ham’s Facebook page, and Bob Sorensen’s many pages (Bob’s especially paranoid, coding his blog pages so that the text from them can’t be selected or copied without having to go to great lengths to grab Bob’s words from the raw html – seems he doesn’t want people using ‘right click – search in Google’), in shutting down any contrary views.

It is, in my mind, extremely telling that Creationists hold such a weak position that they are unable to deal with anything that might challenge that position. They would rather stay in their little echo chambers, getting agreement from their likeminded Creationist pals than actually have to defend their views. And before Bob starts complaining that he’s been banned from various groups, keep this in mind – he has never been stopped from posting here, he was invited to join the Creationist Discussion Group on Facebook, and was also invited (several times) to appear on Fundamentally Flawed…our position is strong enough to withstand the best arguments  of the best Creationist minds.

Glenn Munro Replied!

Sadly he didn’t supply any evidence at all to support his claim that gods exist, and that his version of his particular one is the ‘right’ one, preferring instead to post the following ‘poem’ –

“The Atheist”

dedicated to Alex Botten

“There is No God” the atheist cries,
I create my own destiny.

I am the centre of my universe
obeying the law of my fantasy.

“There is no God without” I cry
Only my God within


Why is it that theists resort to this kind of childishness when their backs are against the wall? And as Reynold pointed out in the comments, the second pair of lines read like Glenn is projecting his own desire for the arbitrary to become real.

Perhaps Glenn will try again, perhaps he’s got some evidence to support his belief in fantasy that he’s just waiting for the right time to reveal. We can live in hope.

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