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And then @GodsWordIsLaw Became @Keith4Santorum…

…before revealing himself to be a poe (middle tweet) –

Over the past 9 months my twitter account has attracted a lot of unwarranted attention and subsequently harassment from militant atheists, homosexuals and liberals all intent on trying to cause harm to me and my family. I have weathered the storm, so to speak, but now these radicals are attempting to harm my family and affect my life, just because of my Conservative views. It is time that I depart Twitter and move on with my life.

Well that’s what Keith Roberts would’ve said. Except there is no Keith Roberts and he doesn’t live in Minnesota and he doesn’t have a family. I am now confirming what many of you have been suspecting: this was indeed a Poe account. It began back in July 2011 when I signed up to spoof a Michele Bachmann supporter but the account quickly gained attention and attention sort of became my drug. Not attention for MYSELF but attention to something I had a part of. I was hoping to continue with this account for a long time but in light of recent events and some people taking this stuff too seriously (cough @kwilliams1984 lol) I am coming out of the poe closet.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the account or if I will reveal my identity (some people will still hate me regardless of my persona not being genuine) but you can be assured of one thing: the buck stops now.


– an admission that he then tried to pretend was the result of ‘hacking’ (again).

YAWN YAWN FUCKING YAWN!! Seriously, whoever is running that account needs help! The addiction to attention has gotten out of control, and is deeply tedious.

Please, ‘Keith’, if you’re reading this, give it up – we’re no long interested or even amused.

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7 thoughts on “And then @GodsWordIsLaw Became @Keith4Santorum…

  1. Given that “Keith4Santorum” has the tag “#teamparody” in the description, and given that he had a tinychat video chat with people after the revealing tweet (as well as some other tweets that elaborated about the character of Keith that have since been deleted, I think that “hacking” thing was a joke. It’s a parody account now, parodying right wing nutjobs.

  2. … And now he’s @GodsLandGodsLaw!

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  4. Simon Powell on said:

    Fundie nutjobs are one thing, but when you find some attention seeking idiot has been deliberately trying to wind people up over something so vile and repulsive… I’m speechless.
    No way I can ever understand why this Dick would try to persecute and insult people because of their sexuality and apparently not even mean it!
    If you ever read this godsword you are no better than the idiots who actually belive their homophobic shit and I hope you feel a much of a prick as you clearly are.

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