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Not Been Posting As Much

You may have noticed that I’ve not been posting as much recently. One of the reasons is that the missus bought an XBox 360 recently, and I’ve been deeply immersed in Bioshock’s 1 and 2. The other reason is my involvement in the (usually) weekly ‘Fundamentally Flawed’ podcast, where most of the things I would have blogged about get covered in far more detail than I can manage in text.

So, if you’ve been thinking I’ve been kind of quiet recently, head over to, click on ‘archive’, and have a listen…you’ll find I’m noisier than ever, just in a different medium.

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2 thoughts on “Not Been Posting As Much

  1. Yes – I noticed that things were a bit quiet here, but have been enjoying the podcast. Keep up the good work. What you do on the web is much more useful than being good at a game on an X-box. 🙂

    (Whoops – that has probably found me a few enemies!!)

  2. Pvblivs on said:

         I’m not much of one for listening to podcasts. It’s just not my medium. I mean, you have to express your message in a manner with which you are comfortable; but more different formats means that you will reach more people.

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