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Bob ‘@PiltdownSupermn’ Sorensen, Furiously Deluded

"Not only is a certain mentally fundamentally flawed atheo-fascist jealous of me, he's trying to get publicity for his own failed efforts by publicizing them in the comments on the article for Question Evolution Day! LOL! Pathetic troll."

Wow! Seems that I’ve REALLY upset Bob! I have to say though, I’m a little confused why he would think I was ‘jealous’ of him….he’s got 238 followers on Twitter – I’m sitting at over 1000; his ‘Question Evolution Day’ page has 154 ‘likers’ – Fundamentally Flawed was downloaded 195,000 times in December, and had passed that number by halfway through January (when we last bothered to look at the stats). I’m also not sure how he thinks the podcast is a ‘failed effort’ attempting to gain publicity off the back of his publicity minnow.
Come on, Bob, comments are open, explain this to me.

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3 thoughts on “Bob ‘@PiltdownSupermn’ Sorensen, Furiously Deluded

  1. Get a load of the paranoia experienced by this guy. Bob is not the only deluded creationist out there, not by a long shot!

    Finally, we came across a presentation entitled “Dinosaurs And The Ark.” The board had obviously been put together by a very young child, and the matriarch of creationism wanted desperately to protect it. This woman, whose nametag read “Julie Von Vett,” ungracefully positioned herself between the camera and the poster board and began staring at me in a way that reminded me of my grandmother.

    “Are you planning to post these pictures on PZ Myers’ website?” she finally blurted out.

    Me: “Excuse me?”

    Julie: “You know PZ Myers, don’t you?”

    I explained that I had no relationship with Mr. Myers and that my being there had nothing to do with him. But, it was obvious that Julie’s mind was made up. By then she was grilling me like a cartoon drill sergeant. Who was I working for? Why was I there? Etc. Etc.

    After several passive-aggressive attempts to trick me into admitting that PZ Myers had sent me on a secret mission to disrupt her event, or perhaps that I actually was PZ dressed up in some kind of clever disguise, a small crowd of people slowly formed around us. Within a few minutes, I was surrounded by several aggressive creationists, and each one had a separate theory about my associations and purpose.

    The most interesting accusation that was brought against me (and PZ Myers, and all of his readers by association) was that I was specifically there to make fun of children.

  2. Pvblivs on said:


         You might enjoy my take on Norman’s most recent blog post. Admittedly, it does go on for a bit.

  3. scientiaperceptum on said:

    Good going Alex. You hammered CopyPasta poster-child “Cowboy” Bob “Piltdown Superman” Sorensen the “StormBringer” so much he deleted all his tweets. Last time I made a copy of this tweeter thread was month ago, now where am I going to go to find comic creationist gold?

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