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A Quick Thought

Creationists are very fond of coming up with wacky explanations about the speed of light. Given that the fact we can see extremely distant objects in space their reasons are obvious – basically they have to explain away the fact that the night sky silently and simply shows their statements of a young Earth, or even young Universe to be entirely in error.

But their god could have avoided this happening if he’d made light able to travel instantly across the whole Universe. It’s such a simple and elegant solution that the fact that ‘god’ didn’t think of it is more evidence that ‘he’ doesn’t exist.

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2 thoughts on “A Quick Thought

  1. Actually some creationists think God did exactly that. According to a leaflet I picked up at my local Creation Museum, the speed of light was infinite some 7000 years ago.

  2. True, they assert that, but there is no evidence for it.

    For more detailed examination of the creationists trying to push that idea

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