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Bob Sorensen aka @PiltdownSupermn Wants You Permanently Silenced

Not content with turning his laughable ‘Question Evolution Day’ Facebook page into a ‘no contrary opinions please’ Creationist echo chamber, he’s now gloating that he thinks people he’s banned from the page, and reported to Facebook (!!!) will have had their ENTIRE accounts deleted!

Read this astonishing level of douchebaggery –

“I found that we were bombarded by about fifty spam, obscene and utterly STUPID trolling comments. It took me less time to delete the comments, report them to Facebook, ban the users (I’m sure they consider themselves “rational”) than it took them to write them. I suspect they lost their accounts even before I was done reporting them!” (my emphasis)

Now that Bob has managed to locate a handful of real people who agree with him (as opposed to the entirely fictitious Nicky Andolini and Rhomphaia), his bravado is increasing, and getting uglier by the day. He’s like that little weasel kid at school who only became brave when hanging around with a group of the bullies.  Reporting Facebook users for wanting to disagree with you on the wall of a group is the action of a deeply insecure and paranoid control freak, that he obviously hopes that those same people will have their accounts banned marks him as a deeply unpleasant individual. In fact, I’d go as far as saying he’s stepped over the line from ‘deluded loudmouth’ into ‘actual tosser’.

Check the following for irony –

"we want to have a say without censorship or censure"

His lack of intellectual honesty is clearly visible in his admin antics, where he sneers that he’s creating a safe haven, free of censorship, whilst simultaneously crushing any opinion that doesn’t match his own. He literally does not want to learn.


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2 thoughts on “Bob Sorensen aka @PiltdownSupermn Wants You Permanently Silenced

  1. Pvblivs on said:

         Oh, let me reconcile this for you. He wants himself, and those who agree with him, not to be censored. He does not want to extend the same priviledge to his critics. He doesn’t claim to want a safe haven, free of censorship. He just doesn’t want to be the target of any censorship.
         Personally, I think it would be fitting if we saw Norman do a blog entry complaining that Facebook was “persecuting” him by deleting his account after too many malicious reports of spam. Spam shlould be taken very seriously. False reports should be taken equally so.

  2. As that hypocrite Bob has said when I pointed his hypocrisy out to him:

    You want to join a club, you play by the rules. Now you’re crying that evolutionists can’t join Bible-believing creationist organizations? Wow, the hatred of atheists stupidifies them.

    Well, as you might imagine, I didn’t let that go by.

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