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Piltdown Superman’s Week of Catastrophic Failure Continues

In the week running up to his ‘Deny Reality Day’ on the 12th, Bob ‘Piltdown Superman’ Sorensen has been blogging and retweeting an unending stream of creationist arsewash. So far this week he’s claimed that just because layers of sediment can be laid down rapidly they all were (debunked), that soft tissue was found in T Rex bones (debunked), and has retweeted the following today –

“Surgeon Says Human Body Did Not Evolve: Baylor University Medical Center surgeon Joseph Kuhn described serious… “


– referring to this article on the website of the Institute for Creation Research which makes the following claims –

In a recent paper titled “Dissecting Darwinism,” Baylor University Medical Center surgeon Joseph Kuhn described serious problems with Darwinian evolution.1 He first described how life could not possibly have come from chemicals alone, since the information residing in DNA required an input from outside of nature.2

He then addressed Darwinism’s inability to account for the all-or-nothing structure of cellular systems, including the human body. As a medical doctor, Kuhn not only knows the general arrangement of the human body’s visible parts, he also understands the interrelated biochemical systems that sustain and regulate all of those parts. He recognized that the human body contains an all-or-nothing system in which its core parts and biochemicals must exist all at once for the body to function.

With a week of failure so far, one has to wonder how well this particular group of claims stands up to scrutiny. Not well, is the answer –

Well, there’s one doctor in the world who thinks he knows a lot about evolution, and that he knows more than evolutionary biologists. In fact, he knows that evolution is rife with problems, is pretty much defunct, and that a new paradigm is in order.  What is that paradigm? Intelligent design, of course.

The doctor is Joseph Kuhn, a surgeon at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, and he’s just published an article in the Proceedings of that center, which I presume is a respectable, peer-reviewed journal.  Well, it isn’t respectable any more, for Kuhn’s article, ”Dissecting Darwinism” (free at the link), is merely a cobbled-together list of canards from the Discovery Institute (DI).  It’s poorly written, dreadful, full of scientific errors, and the journal should not only be ashamed of it, but retract it. (read the rest here)

Unsurprisingly Bob has linked to something that’s utterly untrue. Seriously, you think he’d eventually tire of being wrong all the fucking time.


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2 thoughts on “Piltdown Superman’s Week of Catastrophic Failure Continues

  1. Looks like Bob has replied to me. You can judge for yourself how good it is.

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