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An Update on My Challenge to Rick Warden

That’s from Rick Warden’s blog, note that nowhere does it say any debate with him can ONLY be in text. Obviously aware of how quickly his supposed ‘proofs’ of the existence of his version of his particular god would fall apart under a sustained real time debate, Rick has moved the goal posts in an attempt to avoid such a thing ever happening.

So desperate to avoid a debate is Rick, that he’d rather side with the antisemite, homophobe, and racist ‘Keith Roberts’ aka GodsWordIsLaw, Syecular, and hapless fuck-a-ma-bob PiltdownSupermn, in his claims that I’m a bit of a rotter.

Truly, Rick’s courage knows no beginning.

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5 thoughts on “An Update on My Challenge to Rick Warden

  1. I’m starting to wonder about Rick. The more that I read his post about genocide and Dawkins the more I’m starting to think he may have a disconnect from reality.

    And yeah, if you want you can search for my name on that page since I commented a lot there, trying to set him straight. I note that he tends to ignore a lot of what I say. I’ve repeated myself a few times.

  2. Well, he’s certainly resistant to reason: I’m not the only one over there who’s trying to set him right but Warden just doesn’t seem to want to listen. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the points that Havok, me, and Anonymous are bringing up. It’s kind of interesting, really.

  3. Well, my education of that slapdick continues…

    I made a note of the fact that Warden has a link to some 9/11 conspiracy site on the side of his blog, so naturally I included a link to a guy that directly refutes it.

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