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Rick Warden, Whiner for Jesus

Cowardly Christian ‘apologist’, Rick Warden, has spewed out a mighty word huff on his utterly pathetic excuse for a blog. In it he accuses me and Jim Gardner of being liars, frauds, a bit too sweary for his fragile innocent ears, and anything else he can think of (including claiming that I ‘hate’ his god, which is amazing considering that such a being doesn’t exist and is therefore impossible to hate).

You can read the entirety of his rant here, where you’ll see him citing evidence of my wickedness from such reliable, and unbiased sources as Syecular Sye and (really doing his argument a lot of good) Keith ‘godswordislaw’ Roberts!

I’ve replied to him, but in case he deletes it, I’ve copied here –

Rick, I think you’re going to have to look into things in a little more detail, as you’ll struggle to find a single instance where I have lied.

Sye threatened me with libel after I suggested that he’d made a certain video – a video that he boasted he was going to make, and then hosted on his own website with the comment ‘here you go!’ linking it from my blog! When I, quite reasonably in the circumstances, assumed that he had made it, he got all huffy, denied having done any such thing, and then refused to name the person who had.

A bit of digging and pushing of Sye eventually caused the truth to come out – it wasn’t Sye who had made it, but his fellow liar for money Eric Hovind. As soon as I had that information I corrected my previous statements.

As for your quoting of the Christians For A Moral America blog….well, that’s yet another example of how you should do some research before you start furiously hammering at your keyboard! That blog is run by a twitter user called @godswordislaw, a raging homophobe, racist, misogynist, antisemite troll. Someone who has lied about having a medical doctorate, at best this is an account which is satire (and rather poor satire at that) or, at worst, the work of someone who is dangerously deluded. Either way, siding with Keith ‘godswordislaw’ Roberts, a known liar and fraud, does little to support your argument.

Rick, my challenge to YOU was for you to appear on the podcast and defend your risible argument. My reasons for not wanting to debate in the comments of your blog are clear – I have spent many many hours discussing your ‘evidence’ over the last year, and I just don’t have the stomach for a series of lengthy text exchanges when the same discussion could be had in a fraction of the time on the phone. Far from this being a method of burying debate, the podcast would reach MORE people than either blog could manage, given the fact that in December alone it was downloaded over 190,000 times.

As for your complaint that I swear….boo fucking hoo! Grow up, Rick.


It seems to me that Rick is coming up with any excuse he can muster to explain his repeated refusal to man up and take on a live debate, speaking volumes about just how weak his position is.

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