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Keep Up the ‘Good Work’ Guys!

I encourage non-believers and moderates alike to visit the following pages….

Sye Ten Bruggencate’s aggressive gloating site

Bob Sorensen’s ‘Question Evolution Day’

Rick Warden’s Templestream

Eric Hovind’s ‘Creation Today’ (apparently featuring the Pilsbury Doughboy)

VenomfangX’s Youtube channel


Matt Slick’s CARM

Dan Marvin’s ‘Debunking Atheists’ blog

Why do I want you to go to those sites? Because they do more harm to the cause of religious belief than I could, even if I blogged for a thousand years. Whether it’s Syecular bullying his way around the atheist blogs and podcasts, repeating his circular claptrap, Bob shutting down any dissenting voices on his Facebook wall, Rick Warden presenting a challenge to atheists that he is incapable of meeting, Eric Hovind telling lies to children that will prove to be utterly ruinous to their future faith, Shawn VenomfangX parroting Hovind to the same ends, PPSIMMONS making themselves look like idiots with every single word they type or say, Dan Marvin demonstrating just how demented Christianity can make a previously reasonable man, or Matt Slick insisting that only Calvinists are ‘true’ Christians….all of these people are driving their religion closer to its inevitable end.

Please, encourage all the atheists, agnostics, and moderate believers you know to familiarise themselves with the work of these individuals, spread the words of these apologists for Christianity, show people the extreme dementia fundamentalism causes.

As I say, I could never harm the poison of religion as much as these men do. Keep up the good work, chaps, you’re killing your religion slowly but surely with everything you say and do.

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One thought on “Keep Up the ‘Good Work’ Guys!

  1. imnotandre on said:

    Thanks for pointing me to some of these. I admit I’m getting faintly tired of posting and getting no response from them — but if they have no useful rebuttal, they have no useful rebuttal. 😉

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