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An Oldie But Goldie from the Sensuous Curmudgeon

This kind of argument — which is essentially saying “I don’t believe it!” — could be employed against more than evolution. A creationist could look at the current totality of English history, or the biosphere, or whatever, and impulsively exclaim that it’s “impossible” for such to have occurred without outside guidance. But is it really?

If England is impossible, so of course is the rest of human history. So are you, because the innumerable events leading to your conception are vast beyond comprehension. Everything is impossible to such a mentality. At what point does reductio ad absurdum intervene to put an end to this nonsense?


‘The odds against life evolving are HUGE NUMBER!! DERP DERP DERP!’ Creatards regularly bleat, like so many brain damaged sheep. Read why their reasoning is fatally borked here.

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One thought on “An Oldie But Goldie from the Sensuous Curmudgeon

  1. The odds against winning the lottery are *HUGE* and yet most weeks somebody does.

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