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What’s The Point?

What an absolute waste of time this is.

I’m taking a break

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7 thoughts on “What’s The Point?

  1. “Iā€™m taking a break”

    …until this evening. Or tomorrow.

    You’ll be back. Don’t ask me how I know ā€” I just know.


    • Pvblivs on said:

           Well, Paul, that is the difference between taking a break and retiring. Of course, since it had already been days since his last post, and he normally posted more frequently than that, he was already taking a break. This post only served to note that he has not dropped off the face of the earth.

  2. Alex you are never going to convince people like stormbringer, joe or keith that they are wrong they are way too invested in there bullshit its not just about what they believe, for example you can tell keith is trying for fame, you can tell joe is in it for money stormbringer is all about props from who he believes are his peers , ten bruggencate, hovind, that guy from pp simmons are making a living peddling this shit so for them to admit you are correct completely ruins there raison d’etre you say yourself they are dishonest by default, i believe you are doing a good thing because your arguments help the undecideds or moderates. someone who is looking for answers and come across one of your debates can easily see you are using reason and logic whereas they are clutching at straws and using pretzel logic to ram their square god into the round hole, you are revealing them for what they are “liars for jesus” and you do a good job. I hope you keep it up

  3. True enough, I think “blindrighteye” is right about this. And yeah. If you need a break, take one. Let some steam off, etc.

  4. One item that might tempt you from your break ā€” or alternatively keep you resolute in your sabbatical: Stormbringer got a shoutout on today’s Unbelievable? Justin Brierley read out an email promoting the Question Evolution “event”.

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