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And then @GodsWordIsLaw Became @Keith4Santorum…

…before revealing himself to be a poe (middle tweet) –

Over the past 9 months my twitter account has attracted a lot of unwarranted attention and subsequently harassment from militant atheists, homosexuals and liberals all intent on trying to cause harm to me and my family. I have weathered the storm, so to speak, but now these radicals are attempting to harm my family and affect my life, just because of my Conservative views. It is time that I depart Twitter and move on with my life.

Well that’s what Keith Roberts would’ve said. Except there is no Keith Roberts and he doesn’t live in Minnesota and he doesn’t have a family. I am now confirming what many of you have been suspecting: this was indeed a Poe account. It began back in July 2011 when I signed up to spoof a Michele Bachmann supporter but the account quickly gained attention and attention sort of became my drug. Not attention for MYSELF but attention to something I had a part of. I was hoping to continue with this account for a long time but in light of recent events and some people taking this stuff too seriously (cough @kwilliams1984 lol) I am coming out of the poe closet.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the account or if I will reveal my identity (some people will still hate me regardless of my persona not being genuine) but you can be assured of one thing: the buck stops now.


– an admission that he then tried to pretend was the result of ‘hacking’ (again).

YAWN YAWN FUCKING YAWN!! Seriously, whoever is running that account needs help! The addiction to attention has gotten out of control, and is deeply tedious.

Please, ‘Keith’, if you’re reading this, give it up – we’re no long interested or even amused.

Not Been Posting As Much

You may have noticed that I’ve not been posting as much recently. One of the reasons is that the missus bought an XBox 360 recently, and I’ve been deeply immersed in Bioshock’s 1 and 2. The other reason is my involvement in the (usually) weekly ‘Fundamentally Flawed’ podcast, where most of the things I would have blogged about get covered in far more detail than I can manage in text.

So, if you’ve been thinking I’ve been kind of quiet recently, head over to, click on ‘archive’, and have a listen…you’ll find I’m noisier than ever, just in a different medium.

Bored…..For Eternity

After 100,000 years you should have tried just about every hobby, pastime, learned every language fluently, tasted every combination of food and drink a thousand times over.

Lets try to imagine the first million years of eternity. Boy, would you be full of wisdom, knowledge and memories.

what are you going to do for the next million years. and the next, and the next.

100 million years will be just the beginning of the rest of your life.


A brilliant little article over at The Skeptical Probe, go read the rest there!

Bob ‘@PiltdownSupermn’ Sorensen, Furiously Deluded

"Not only is a certain mentally fundamentally flawed atheo-fascist jealous of me, he's trying to get publicity for his own failed efforts by publicizing them in the comments on the article for Question Evolution Day! LOL! Pathetic troll."

Wow! Seems that I’ve REALLY upset Bob! I have to say though, I’m a little confused why he would think I was ‘jealous’ of him….he’s got 238 followers on Twitter – I’m sitting at over 1000; his ‘Question Evolution Day’ page has 154 ‘likers’ – Fundamentally Flawed was downloaded 195,000 times in December, and had passed that number by halfway through January (when we last bothered to look at the stats). I’m also not sure how he thinks the podcast is a ‘failed effort’ attempting to gain publicity off the back of his publicity minnow.
Come on, Bob, comments are open, explain this to me.

Behold the Christian Love of @JakePorter03!

Fellow atheist Richard Nistuk has had a little bit of a run in with a Christian calling himself @JakePorter03 on Twitter. He’s written about it all here, and I recommend popping over.

Today Jake has tweeted the following –

Listen to just how ‘good’ Jake is on this message he left on Richard’s answering machine…..

Taking Up Arms Against God

Here’s another quick thought –

If the Christian god was real, in all his unjust, vengeful, judgmental ‘glory’, surely the noblest thing any human could do would be resisting him? Trying to stop such a being, knowing that he is the creator of the entire Universe would be futile, but the bravest, most honourable act any one could do for his fellow humans.

A Quick Thought

Creationists are very fond of coming up with wacky explanations about the speed of light. Given that the fact we can see extremely distant objects in space their reasons are obvious – basically they have to explain away the fact that the night sky silently and simply shows their statements of a young Earth, or even young Universe to be entirely in error.

But their god could have avoided this happening if he’d made light able to travel instantly across the whole Universe. It’s such a simple and elegant solution that the fact that ‘god’ didn’t think of it is more evidence that ‘he’ doesn’t exist.

No, You’re Not

"Encouraging responses for Question Evolution Day!"

The above was posted by Bob a short while ago, but how does it square with the following?

"TO ALL YOU EVOLUTIONISTS OUT THERE: Do us a favor and do NOT bother to write in here arguing your belief in evolution (especially with a snotty attitude). This is not the place for that"

Answer: It doesn’t. Bob is simply a hypocrite.

Bob Sorensen aka @PiltdownSupermn Wants You Permanently Silenced

Not content with turning his laughable ‘Question Evolution Day’ Facebook page into a ‘no contrary opinions please’ Creationist echo chamber, he’s now gloating that he thinks people he’s banned from the page, and reported to Facebook (!!!) will have had their ENTIRE accounts deleted!

Read this astonishing level of douchebaggery –

“I found that we were bombarded by about fifty spam, obscene and utterly STUPID trolling comments. It took me less time to delete the comments, report them to Facebook, ban the users (I’m sure they consider themselves “rational”) than it took them to write them. I suspect they lost their accounts even before I was done reporting them!” (my emphasis)

Now that Bob has managed to locate a handful of real people who agree with him (as opposed to the entirely fictitious Nicky Andolini and Rhomphaia), his bravado is increasing, and getting uglier by the day. He’s like that little weasel kid at school who only became brave when hanging around with a group of the bullies.  Reporting Facebook users for wanting to disagree with you on the wall of a group is the action of a deeply insecure and paranoid control freak, that he obviously hopes that those same people will have their accounts banned marks him as a deeply unpleasant individual. In fact, I’d go as far as saying he’s stepped over the line from ‘deluded loudmouth’ into ‘actual tosser’.

Check the following for irony –

"we want to have a say without censorship or censure"

His lack of intellectual honesty is clearly visible in his admin antics, where he sneers that he’s creating a safe haven, free of censorship, whilst simultaneously crushing any opinion that doesn’t match his own. He literally does not want to learn.


Institute for Creation Research Asks Astonishingly Witless Question

Did Humans Cause Dinosaur Extinctions?‘ asks Brian Thomas, apparently with a straight face. ‘No’ replies everyone with a fucking clue.

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