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Hilariously Deluded

Find out what’s making atheist trolls & evolutionists angry & afraid…


‘Angry’ and ‘afraid’?? Surely you meant ‘Find out what’s making atheists roll on the floor with laughter whilst pointing at that hapless prick Bob Sorensen….’?

Poor Bob, his own assessment of the power of his ‘argument’ is wildly off.

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2 thoughts on “Hilariously Deluded

  1. So you think you are a funny guy,well to say the least,we are not the helpless morons you make us to be,we belong to a higer power,someone you wiil never see or interack with,because of the nonsens life you are leadingj but take this one day mybe soon you will see truth and that day you will wet your pants;God will not be mock by you or anybody else; (South-Africa)

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