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Sloppy Research by @PiltdownSupermn

You may have noticed that Bob Sorensen has quietly changed the date of his ‘Question Evolution Day’ to the 12th of next month. Why the move from the 15th? A small matter of having got Darwin’s birthday wrong!

Sloppy work Bob, very sloppy…and especially amusing given Bob’s constant rants that ‘evolutionists’ never research anything.


EDIT: he’s still claiming it’s the 15th on the ‘Info‘ page –

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4 thoughts on “Sloppy Research by @PiltdownSupermn

  1. Pvblivs on said:

    In all fairness, it could have been a typographical error (if he used the numeric keypad the 5 is just above the 2) instead of a research error. Either way, Norman is far too conceited to admit to an error of any kind.

    • If it is he did it several times, once in the original promo image, and then again in the text….and then again in numerous tweets

      • Pvblivs on said:

        Hmm… I had only seen your one copy that had the 15th and his blog that said the 12th multiple times. That lets out my first speculation. Although he could have used a source with a type. Still, I try to avoid giving people accusations they might not deserve.

      • Alex Botten on said:

        I think he originally copied the info from another Creationist source, and didn’t bother to fact check

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