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Define ‘Gaining Momentum’ Please, @PiltdownSupermn

More delusion rambling from Bob –

‘Gaining momentum’ huh? How many followers on the Facebook page so far, Bob?

Fuuuuuuuuuuck!! 28 members!! WOW! Move over, science, there’s a new MOVEMENT in town!

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8 thoughts on “Define ‘Gaining Momentum’ Please, @PiltdownSupermn

  1. LMAO! And this is why religion is a problem – when you’ve been trained your entire life that one delusion is reality, at some point it begins to spill over into other areas of your life.

    The chap is quite obviously delusional about the ‘momentum’ but it’s not surprising, since he’s also delusional about a genocidal maniac sky fairy.

  2. He doesn’t deserve the attention you are giving him. What he needs is a doctor. He is ill in the head.

  3. I went onto that forum and I started questioning the Bible.

    They question Evolution, it’s ok.

    I questioned the Bible.

    I was banned! 🙂

    • And yet Bob claims he’s all about ‘intellectual freedoms’!

      • Exactly. I feel it is very important to be skeptical about science. As a researcher (in astronomy) that is, at its very core, what science is all about. And that is what it has always been about.

        That is why it has grown to shame creationist views.

        However, let’s still debunk their claims. And let them attempt to debunk ours. But let’s do it in the forum of empirical and repeatable evidence.

        As I’m sure you are well aware, Alex, something which happens once is not really able to provide any conclusions. It needs to happen, time and time again, almost at will. So, when I say “Jesus, show me the light and the way” (or something similarly religiousific) then it has to happen. Not next week, not when I’m just about to fall asleep. There and then, in the cold light of day.

        So yes, the world (not just atheists) are waiting for the proof or evidence for God’s existence.

        If they can provide it, I will look at it, and if it is something extremely ordinary and not something, say, for example “The Bible prophecy was fulfilled” (which is so darn silly it doesn’t require debunking but still, we HAVE to because they are so insistent) then, of course, I will listen and take note.

        Yet to happen.




  4. Pvblivs on said:

    He’s got it as the 12th and as the 15th. What, exactly, is he up to?

  5. Mex5150 on said:

    Knowing his love of sock-puppets, I wonder how many of those 28 are actually different people LOL

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