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Creation ‘Research’

Reading through this rather innocuous piece on the website of the Institute for Creation Research, I was struck by the sudden, and naked, assertion in the last line. After a few paragraphs describing the Paddlefish, providing no evidence whatsoever that it is anything other than a rather standard, evolved, creature, they drop this in –

And that means that paddlefish were unquestionably created.

 – and that’s it. The end of the article! No evidence as to WHY it’s unquestionable that the Paddlefish was created, just a barefaced assertion with zero back up.

Even by Creationist standards it’s pretty weak.


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5 thoughts on “Creation ‘Research’

  1. They write an article and make an unsupported statement since they know that people who already believe as they do will nod their heads and go yes, of course and not actually think about what they’ve just read. The article wasn’t written to convince skeptics, it was written to reinforce the beliefs of those who believe.

    Liars for Jesus lie to keep the sheep in the flock not to get the cats to give up being cats… at least I hope that’s the case because if it isn’t they are doing a rather piss poor job of it.

  2. seems like they may be going for irreducible complexity

  3. They are just trying to make their $hi7 sound scientific and plausable when it isn’t. They write a bunch of technical specs that they barely even understand themselves that they copied and pasted from other souces and rearranged in this case about the Paddlefish as if they are going to make case for a fine-tuned universe or irreducible complex argument and then at the end of all that add a few lines in their own words that meets the conditions of their bias… “God did it.”

    Not only does their conclusion not follow, but they don’t even make a case for the other common arguments of irreducible complexity or a fine-tuned universe. They just keep getting sloppier and sloppier.

  4. Yeah, pretty lame.

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