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Fuck Knows What’s Happened Over Night With @GodsWordIsLaw

Typical, I go to sleep, like a normal human being, just like every other evening…..and the shit hits the fan with Keith! Thanks to Twitter user devilesquette I’ve managed to piece together that Keith was either ‘hacked’ (again), or decided that enough was enough, and figured he should go out on a high.

Some screen shots of what happened on his, now deleted, twitter account,

And that appears to be the end of that. The account is (seemingly) completely deleted, and the whole saga has reached an end.

Or has it?

There was a last ditch burst of Poe-dom from another new twitter user who first claimed he didn’t know who Keith was, before claiming to be his brother in law, but I don’t really see that going anywhere. For the sake of completion here are a couple of his tweets

Too obviously fake, and not very good at keeping track of his own lies.

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? Hopefully we’ll be able to go back to talking about people like Joe Cienkowski now!

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3 thoughts on “Fuck Knows What’s Happened Over Night With @GodsWordIsLaw

  1. Thing is, I’m not entirely sure the accounts really are deleted. Although you get the “that page doesn’t exist!” when you go to the Twitter timeline, if you try and register a new user with the username “godswordislaw”, it says the username is already taken. Same story with the @CFAMABlog account.

    I do notice that the “hacker” (Who seems to stepped out of a Brokencyde video.) says “We’re going to fuck with your shit for the next day and delete them and keep your handles LOL”, which suggests it’s intentional- the tweets are gone, but the user is not really deleted. Which would be handy if this were another of Keith’s multiple personalities.

    I do notice though that Keith’s other alter-ego @LGBTfacts is still going…

  2. i think it was keith again with another cry for attention and here is why, keith tweets against atheist homosexuals and sometimes black people and his hacker rang all those bells typing in ebonics, claiming atheism and telling another male atheist he was cute, the hacker also used extreme foul language which also fits in with keith vision of atheists, the hacker claimed keith wasnt gay which is of benefit to keith if it was an evil atheist would he claim keith is as gay as christmas the ultimate insult to him, the hacker also said keith dosent live in minnesota when we know he almost certainly does ANOTHER benefit to keith, the evil hacker claimed to have all keith personal info yet released none, i realize its circumstantial but im claiming false flag.

  3. And, yup, he’s back again. Looks it was another stunt.

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