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I’m Not Sure Whether These Are Genuine or Not….

I got passed these screen shots, supposedly of messages that Keith ‘@GodsWordIsLaw’ Roberts sent to a fellow twitter user….messages which seem to show Keith admitting to being a fraud.

I’m not 100% these are legit though, as it all seems a bit too perfect. Have a look, see what you think – there are two, one from an iOS screen shot, and one that appears to be from a desktop application

Genuine? Faked? Cooked up by Keith and the guy who sent them to me as some kind of elaborate joke or trap? I’ve no idea. If they’re genuine then we can put the whole thing to bed, if not….well, I guess the people responsible for the fakes will know why they made them.

Post your thoughts in the comments, if you like.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure Whether These Are Genuine or Not….

  1. Andreas Draganis on said:

    Hey, where is Keith? His Twitter account seems to be deleted. The last I saw from him was the comment “UMAD?”, whatever that means, and a changed profile picture: one resembling the white house and a LGBT-flag (no cross over it). Has he outed himself?

  2. Keith’s account was apparently hacked and subsequently permanently deleted. The intruder(s) questioned his followers what he should do with the account and alleged that he was told to delete it.

    Guess that’s the end of that saga, eh? Good riddance, honestly.

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