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Piltdown Superman (@piltdownsupermn), and ‘Intellectual Freedoms’

Behold the graphic banner for Bob ‘Piltdown Superman‘ Sorensen’s ‘Question Evolution Day’ –

‘Take a stand for academic and intellectual freedoms!’ it parps! Yet what do we find when we go to the Facebook page for the event? Why! It’s Bob deleting comments that don’t follow the Creationist party line, and banning non-Creationists from posting! Witness this interaction, and note how polite John Boen remains throughout



Note also how quickly Bob leaps into making unfounded ad hominem attacks, and outright insulting the person asking quite reasonable questions.

And do Creationists REALLY want ‘academic….freedoms’? It would appear not!

So much for ‘academic and intellectual freedoms’, Bob!

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3 thoughts on “Piltdown Superman (@piltdownsupermn), and ‘Intellectual Freedoms’

  1. Pvblivs on said:

         Before he tells people to look up “recalcitrant,” Norman should really check the meaning of “academic freedom.” It doesn’t just mean that he gets to question what he wants to. It means that everyone gets to question.

  2. True, but they’re likely hoping that others don’t think about that…remember, they’re the victims here!

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