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Astounding Hypocrisy From Piltdown Superman

More bullshit from Bob Sorensen’s miserable little ‘Question Evolution Day’ Facebook page, this time he’s contradicting himself in word and deed. Take this, linking to an ‘article’ on his website –

“”Science” needs to be protected. That is, if you offer evidence and arguments against evolution, you will be censored and censured. And that is a good part of what “Question Evolution Day” is all about.”– you’d think, after writing that, Bob would be a firm advocate of free speech. You’d be wrong –

“After the comment I just deleted, he’s history. I cannot countenance smug atheists.” followed by “By the way, I will do the same for people who want to turn this into a young Earth/old Earth argument. Again, there are other places for that activity” doesn’t seem to be the kind of language used by someone who is truly interested in freedom of speech and ideas. In fact, it comes across as the kind of thing someone who wants to protect his superstitions, and the right to force those beliefs on others, at any cost would say.

Bob, is ‘Question Evolution Day’ about censoring anyone who doesn’t agree with you, or is it about ‘intellectual freedoms’? Because, so far, you’ve done the lions share of censoring.

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