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Another Gap Closes for God

An evolutionary transition that took several billion years to occur in nature has happened in a laboratory, and it needed just 60 days.

Under artificial pressure to become larger, single-celled yeast became multicellular creatures. That crucial step is responsible for life’s progression beyond algae and bacteria, and while the latest work doesn’t duplicate prehistoric transitions, it could help reveal the principles guiding them.

Incredible, and an absolute blow to Creationists who claim that this has never happened. Read the rest here.

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25 thoughts on “Another Gap Closes for God

  1. I guess we should expect some fingers in ears, the singing of ‘lalala’ and loud claims that evolution has never been observed.

    Awesome science is awesome 🙂

  2. Actually, one of my skeptic friends pals has posted the creationists’ reply to this news:

  3. This is just an example of natural selection.For those who cared to read the whole article would have seen that non clumping yeast remained floating and clumping yeast that sunk to the bottom was removed and placed in another container.

    What is the desperation to prove there is no God?

    If you BELIEVE and have FAITH in what you have read and have been told then walk away,be content with your decision.

    Why keep searching for any headline that could be used to once again prove to yourself that there is no God?

    Why do you have to prove it to yourself over and over and over again?

    One question.

    Where did the yeast come from in the first place?

    Happy to talk anytime.

    • Alex Botten on said:

      The yeast evolved, just like everything else.

      ‘this is just natural selection’ – yes, and a graphic example of it, providing more evidence to the pile that already supports evolution.

      I don’t need to have ‘faith’ in facts

      • I don’t need to have ‘faith’ in facts

        So you were there in the laboratory as part of the team of researchers and saw the evidence yourself?

        What are the facts? Whose facts are they?

        They are suppositions made from observations.

        Science is the only thing evolving here, as we can see furthur,higher ,deeper and smaller more detail is known and science changes.

        There is no end in sight both in the universe as we know it and the microscopic world. We keep finding more layers in each direction.

        It seems the more we find out the more complex it gets.

        My field was Cytology, looking at cellular changes leading up to cancer. For years we used to notice pre cancerous cells with clear halos around the nucleus, had no idea what the cause was. In 1978 Human papiloma Virus was indentified as was its connection to cervical cancer. We went back over old cases and were amazed that all the criteria for HPV could be now observed from patients from the 60’s.

        It was always there, we just hadnt discovered it yet.

        Less than 10 years ago the HPV vaccine was released to the general public here in Australia.

        My point is science is evolving because of increased observation of what is already in existence.

        That article clearly shows to any scientist that the yeasts ability to clump was already within the cells capability. It just needed the right stimulation which was the shaking.

        So you dont need faith in facts?

        You must be a gullible person if you believe everybodies so called facts.

        I worked with a notorious researcher in the 70’s named Dr William Mcbride, famous for his discovery that thalidamide causes birth defects.We did all his lab work at the time. Google him and find out about HIS FACTS.

        So back to the yeast story, do you know it to be 100% true that “the yeast evolved”?

        Or did you BELIEVE the journalists article and choice of words, wriiten after a spokesman for the researchers was interviewed.

        I repeat, if you read the article with your eyes wide open you would have noticed that there were clumped yeast cells already falling the the bottom of the original colony, thats the clue.

        Nice talking to you (P.S.dont believe everything a journalist writes)


      • Alex Botten on said:

        Of course those things were always there, why wouldn’t they be? I’m honestly lost as to the point you’re trying to make.

        As for your ‘were you part of the team?’ question, that’s nothing more than Ken Ham’s ‘were you there?’ nonsense recast. Tell me, do you believe that scientists are all involved in a global conspiracy to hide ‘evidence’ for your particular version of your particular god?

      • Alex Botten on said:

        The important thing about this discovery is that it clearly demonstrates something happening that rabid creationists claim doesn’t. As the title of my piece says, one more gap has closed.

      • xu1997 on said:

        I very sorry to disturb you, i thought i was talking to an intelligent person.

        You have completely missed the point,straight over your head.

        Dont worry though you seem quite comfortable in your ignorance.

        Out of interest did you bother yourself to look up Dr William Mcbride’s story?

        Not a global conspiracy but definitely scientific fraud.

        I suppose along with your atheism you also believe in Global warming and Climate change?

        No conspiracy there!!! Ha Ha

        Always good to catch up



      • Ah, the ‘patronising dismissal’ approach! Tell me, do you find that wins a lot of souls for Jebus?

      • xu1997 on said:

        whose Jebus?

        What im trying to do is see if any athiest looks up any evidence i have put forward as opposed to attacking anybody who sounds slightly spiritual.

        I find mentioning anything on this forum that needs belief brings a rabid frenzy of contempt comparable to piranha attacking fresh meat.

        Dont try and look up what i have suggested.Keep believing the scientists that support your theories and give me some sort of parting serve.

        That way you can appear the big athiest man in front of all your athiest mates.



      • Alex Botten on said:

        Got anything of value to add?

      • Im just highlighting your arrogance for other readers to see.

      • Alex Botten on said:

        Really? Because, from where i’m stood, the only one being arrogant, aggressive, and condescending here is you.

        Keep it up, you’re another fine example of christian love!

      • Why do you need a blog to fight off all comers who believe in God?

        Just be happy with your belief and walk away.

        If people want to believe in God ,what business is it of yours?

        Why would you care?

        I dont get it, a blog for atheists to constantly remind themselves why they dont believe in God.

        It’s pathetic.

        I dont care that you dont believe in God that is your choice. So stop navel gazing on this blog, its a waste of your time.You prove nothing,convert no-one and you just go over the same old ground.

        Who cares????


      • Alex Botten on said:

        Who cares? All of us who are tired of the idiocy of religion being given respect in the world. Religion causes untold misery to untold millions, and the religious seek to impose their beliefs on anyone who doesn’t agree. Infants and women are ritually mutilated in the name of religion, teenagers are disowned by their families in the name of religion, people are tortored and executed in the name of religion. If it harmed no-one people like me wouldn’t care, but it does, and usually it harms the most vulnerable.

        If you’re happy with that then that’s your problem. As for why i go over the same ground, well, that’s to remind these frauds and liars that they’re being watched, and to maybe show the fence sitters that there’s nothing wrong in doubting the truth of (for example) Ken Ham’s talks.

      • Alex Botten on said:

        Also, i have to point out, for someone who isn’t interested and thinks this blog ‘pathetic’, you’re doing an awful lot of replying!

      • xu1997 on said:

        Aweful response !! You are playing the man and not the ball. You havent commented on any of the issues I have raised, instead you have put me down.

        This is a sign that you are more interested in destroying opposition rather entering into discussion.


        After all it is Human nature you worship although you would never admit it.

        So subservient.

        Bow the knee to a human!!!???

        But isnt that what you are doing?

        Oh yes man has all the answers. Ha ha ha

        Yes look at the world we live in under man’s administration!!!!

        Yes im going to listen to my fellow human being, he has all the answers!!!???

        Pathetic , that,s all I can say PATHETIC.

        Atheism, mans submissive cower to man,how sad.

        Good to talk with you,its been fun.



      • Alex Botten on said:

        Back AGAIN? Boy, you’re really proving how disinterested you are!

      • xu1997 on said:

        Yer got in reply admit it.

        your an atheist and yer got nothin!!

        The only inspiration you have got is from fellow self centered man.

        Good luck!



      • Alex Botten on said:

        Want to try that again, but in English this time? Perhaps you could pray to your version of your god, ask him to guide your fingers so your spelling improves.

      • xu1997 on said:

        Sorry , no prize for second.

      • Alex Botten on said:

        Really? Resorting to gibberish already?

      • have you always got to have the last say?

      • Alex Botten on said:

        On my blog? If i feel like it. Do you always end you ‘debates’ by posting poorly spelled nonsense and then running away?

      • Do you always avoid addressing points raised and then try to belittle the person raising them.

        Your arrogance is breathtaking.

        I tried to enlighten you and give you some insight into the real world of science and scientific fraud.

        The IPCC is a current example of determining the end result before any proof is established.

        Read Vaclav Klaus’s book “Blue Planet Green Shackles” to find out what is really behind this movement.

        Atheists tend to hold on to the green movement because it places man in control of the climate and his own destiny. Although this concept is soothing to an Atheist, it is laughable to the thinking person.

        You are actually a disciple of HUMANISM.

        Man is your God, and it requires faith,belief and action to please your God.
        For some atheist their God is themselves

        So dont belittle other’s for believing someone other than man has all the answers.

        P.S Try to actually comment on some of the points instead of your usual personal insults.



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