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So, Why Did I Move?

Bottom line is I got fed up of having to deal with the relentless bullshit of certain people who felt it their god given right to insult and threaten me via the comments. I’m hoping that moving over here will prove to have been a positive choice, and I’ve also moved my ‘A Thing A Day’ blog over here –

All the old content is still here, and the old site will remain up (though uncommentable) on Blogger.

The only thing that’s a shame is that I can’t bring my previous number of blog hits over, hits that had just reached 87,000

Those hits will live on in this image –

Anyway, I hope enough of you find your way over here.

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8 thoughts on “So, Why Did I Move?

  1. Dewi Hughes on said:

    Yep! Found you, and the new blog has been added to my Reader account.

    Shame about the ratings, but hopefully you’ll get them back … maybe this time next year …

    Looking forward to the next post.

  2. Wow…what in hell was that last rant of Paul’s about? “My filth”? Yeesh. Yeah. That guy was becoming way too obsessed. Yet he claims that it’s us who have the problems?

    Yeah. At some point the trolling game becomes stretched too far and one wonders if there’s an actual sickness involved.

  3. Look at it this way: No matter how bad it got with that loon, it could always be worse: (

    And there’s the Jessica Ahlquist case (

    More details about that:

    Just read the links within the Pharyngula link to see what that’s about and what she’s had to put up with for simply making her school abide by their own nation’s constitution.

  4. Well, with the Ahlquist situation, there is some good news though the URL doesn’t like like it at first!

    From that site:
    “Oh, and by the way: The college scholarship fund for Jessica Ahlquist is, as of this writing, already over $24,000. Let’s get it to top $30,000!”

  5. Shame about the hit count I agree. You were doing really well, and it is obvious that within a few months you will be back to the same number and getting hits so fast that the odd 87,000 doesn’t count very much.

    I think the real reason for the move was that you were secretly worried that I was just about to overtake you. :))

    Keep up the good work, and be assured that I at least have transferred my rss follow to here.

  6. Thanks! I’ll try to ensure that the quality of rubbish I post over here is the same as the stuff I posted over there!

  7. Ellesar on said:

    Maybe I am being naive, but won’t the wierdo’s and lunatics just follow you to here?

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