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Joe Cienkowski, Still an Idiot

“Herods sons date their rule over his divided kingdom from 4 BC” LOL, where did Herod’s son’s get their date from?


Oh dear, Joe appears to think that people were using the BC/AD dating method BEFORE it was invented!

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6 thoughts on “Joe Cienkowski, Still an Idiot

  1. Still?!

  2. It’s like he thinks that people were counting down to 1AD!!

    ‘Gee, it’s a year EARLIER than it was! I wander what we’re counting down to?’
    ‘Probably JESUS, maaaaaaaaaan!’

  3. So, Joe ‘thinks’ that they were using the Gregorian Calendar BEFORE Pope Gregory was born? Really?! :-/

  4. Mex5150 on said:

    You can always rely on Joe for a good giggle.

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