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@Original_Cindy, Genius

These tweets from Twitter Christian ‘Original Cindy’ are brilliant….brilliant if you love reading absolute stupidity, that is. Behold, the way a Creationist mind ‘works’ –

And what was she claiming Moron Watch had done? Quoting the first of those tweets without adding the ‘context’ of the follow up….a follow up that only served to make her look even thicker.

Bravo, Cindy! Bravo!

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6 thoughts on “@Original_Cindy, Genius

  1. i love it!surely a lesbian is capable of being a birth mother – therefore menstruation is required!im a man and i know more about her body than she does.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Interesting. Surely by this logic, men shouldn't have nipples?

  4. Ellesar on said:

    I suppose Original Cindy thinks the same about all hetero women who do not want children? And that all men who do not want children are also sterile? And that NO lesbian has ever wanted children? And that all sexual acts between men and women MUST result in a pregnancy?


  5. Love it, I’m still on your mind lol

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