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The Wisdom of Ken Ham

Unrepentant liar for Jesus, Ken Ham (the Australian with views so whack and a beard so ridiculous he was laughed out of his native land) has been reading a book by fellow Christian Peter Enns. Taking time out of his busy schedule of lying to children and idiots, Ken has expressed his displeasure with Enns, via his Facebook page

Well–so much for the PERSPICUITY OF SCRIPTURE!!!! In the book by Peter Enns (who plainly states he accepts evolution as fact and rejects a literal Adam and literal Fall–and rejects that Paul is talking about a literal Adam in Romans and Corinthians) he states:

“A historical Adam has been the dominant Christian view for two thousand years. We must add, however, that the general consensus was formed before the advent of evolutionary theory…Evolution demands that the special creation of the first Adam as described in the Bible is not literally historical…”.

Well – secular scientists today will say that a man can’t rise from the dead, or you can’t have a virgin birth in humans, or a man can’t walk on water–so shouldn’t we now (using this same approach as that of Peter Enns) be giving up the literal resurrection and literal Virgin Birth too??? 

Yes, Ken, that’s exactly what it means. A man CAN’T rise from the dead, virgin birth exists only in the realm of myth, and only someone who doesn’t understand the dynamics of fluids would think a man can walk on water. Ken Ken Ken, you’re clearly a twisted, bitter, insane individual, desperate to keep the money flowing in to you bullshit ministry, but don’t you ever stop and wonder why so many people disagree with you? Do you ever think ‘Hmmm, maybe there’s something in this “evidence” that they keep mentioning’? Do you ever lay awake at night wondering why the whole world thinks you’re an idiot?

No? Well maybe you should Ken, maybe you should.

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4 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Ken Ham

  1.      As I understand it, he has his loyal followers. It is not the case that the whole world thinks he's an idiot. Some people think he's an idiot. Some don't. I don't know him that well. However, the fact that he is correctly portrying his opponent's position, rather than setting up a straw-man, speaks to his credit.

  2. Ken Ham describes his wife as 'very very submissive' – so I hate him already.

  3. The man is a crazy nutbag but strangely, I agree with him on at least one issue. Ken Ham thinks that if Evolution is true, that would mean Christianity is false because there would have been no Adam and Eve. I believe he is spot on with that point. 🙂

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