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A New Reality Denier To Play With

With tweets that make Joe Cienkowski look like a rocket scientist, @RevivalCebu2013 might be a new kid on the block, but he’s hit the ground running with a stream of idiocy so wide that one wonders if he’s received a serious head injury…..

This is true: communism is NOT possible without creation! check the facts!

I’m not sure what ‘facts’ we should be checking here, is there some secret Soviet handbook that points out none of the Communist era would have been possible without YHWH having created the Universe? If not…I’m at a loss. I honestly don’t understand what this guy is trying to say.

His whole timeline reads like the ramblings of someone with a very low IQ who’s watched some Ken Ham and Kent Hovind videos on Youtube, failed to understand them, yet has started to regurgitate what he imagines the salient points to be. Have a look at this string of ‘thoughts’….

There’s no denying it, he gives Chris Taylor and Joe Cienkowski a run for their money!

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One thought on “A New Reality Denier To Play With

  1. Sad to see… especially as I really love Cebu (Philippines) but obviously more so because this guy just doesn't get it. He has interpreted and assumed something that simply isn't correct. he is also trying to scientifically explain it away. not a very clever move…

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