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A Further Comment on Comments

Unfortunately, merely disabling anonymous posting hasn’t stopped everyone’s favourite insane troll for too long. I’m going to have to have to switch on moderation if this particular poster doesn’t take the hint and fuck off….

Hopefully he’ll get the message, and go troll someone else when he finds he’s wasting his time posting here.

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16 thoughts on “A Further Comment on Comments

  1. Why not leave it as is? All it does is reveal the idiocy of such people – which is what you want. Therefore you can cease to take anything such people say with any seriousness. I'd suggest keeping it as it was… if someone has an accountable persona that's good enough.

  2.      Well, as I state on my own blog your moderating of comments may be just what the troll is after.

  3. Looks like Pvb was right about "Paul's" motives…Paul DavisNope. You have gone exactly where I wanted you to go. To disprove your wild claims of freedom of speech.Guess what? Freedom of speech can and is abused by people like you. You've been allowed to spill bullshit all over here long enough. You were asked to clean up your act but you refused. You brought this on yourself. Alex still interviews and challenges theists to interviews on his podcast. You though, have made such an ass of yourself that he finally had enough of you.And no I'm not a lunatic or insane at all. I have depression,which, if such qualifies one as insane, you are too idiot.Maybe the reason that you have "depression" is because you're such an asshole? Maybe the way you act makes everyone dislike you and that's why you're so "depressed"? Good. Maybe you'll learn something, though from what I've seen here, I don't believe so.…my agenda has been stated and simple all along. Get you to admit to having mental problems, which you did. And now to face them as you are avoiding them by attacking me.Wow, what a loving "friend" you must be, eh? Take one person at random and then harass the living fuck out of someone until they say what you want them to say.I'd say that it's not "depression" that is your mental problem, I'd say that it'd be more akin to sociopathy. I'd love to know if any "friends" of yours in real life would be grateful if you treated them like that. My advice: Your "help" is not wanted. You are not wanted. Go deal with your so-called "depression" elsewhere. If you truly knew anything about compulsive disorders, you'd know that it's you who is displaying them: You keep posting and posting even after it's been made clear that you are not wanted here anymore and why you are not wanted! No one here is forcing you to read this blog. No one other then yourself and your own mental problems.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Reynold,May I also add that freedom of speech (as I understand it) also entails the freedom not to agree, listen to, support, or provide a forum for those with whom one disagrees. And (properly understood) doing so is not censorship, but an exercise of one's right, i.e., it is Alex's blog. If someone wants to criticize Alex for something, no matter how rational or irrational that something may be, they may certainly do so. But why does Alex have to listen to it or sanction it? He doesn't have to. Ydemoc

  6. Another comment from mad 'Paul' deleted

  7. given that the first post 'Paul' made after i set up the IP tracking came from Trinity's IP, and given the similarity in their excuses ('other people use the computer!') and inability to keep their stories straight (Paul 'Robby is depressed, no, wait, it's me!') i'm still inclined to think they are all the same person.The only other IP accessing the site that *could* be 'Paul' is from Brisbane, Australia (on a PC running Windows 7)….if that's the case then we have two lunatics, rather than one. Either way, I'm still deleting all messages from Trinity, Nide, Robby, Paul etc.

  8. Doing a bit more digging, the Brisbane IP is running Chrome, has a screen resolution of 1920×1080, and (if a certain site is to be believed) has torrented 'Ultimate Fleetwood Mac', 'Best of the Corrs', and all the seasons of 'Mad Men' to date, in the last 3 months.Trinity's IP resolves to the Bronx, if anyone wants to know.

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  10. "Good Work Alex.So, how about an apology for claiming that I was other people?"As I've said, I still think you are. Now fuck off and crawl back under the rock you emerged from.

  11. So, what are you studying at William Paterson University, Trinity?

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  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. LOL….what kind of blog is this….i think everyone here is funny….getting mad at each other do ya even know each other in real life?? wow i have never seen so much drama in my lifetime than i have seen on this site….time for you people to accept jesus christ and move on…..

    • Alex Botten on said:

      “.time for you people to accept jesus christ and move on”

      Nope, why would I ‘accept’ someone who wasn’t the ‘son of god’ and maybe didn’t even exist?

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