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Oh Dear, @Piltdownsupermn Discovers the TAG

“Digging into philosophical mires where they insist that they are right despite how silly they look; they are almost never wrong, especially if it means that a Christian is right about something”

Poor Bob Sorensen, so desperate to find anything he can to shore up the creaking foundations of his faith that he’ll grasp on to anything he can find. This time it’s that last refuge of the scoundrel, the TAG that he’s fastened his hopes upon.

I picked the quote at the top just because it made me laugh so much when I first read it. That someone could describe ANYONE else as getting into a ‘philosophical mire’, when they themselves have got the relationship between an object and that which senses the object so disastrously wrong, is beyond parody or any form of comedy. Listen, Bob, you’re so wrong you’re not even wrong! The TAG is a failure at proving anything, as it can be used to prove absolutely anything you like! It’s also so rooted in an acceptance of the Primacy of Existence, the very thing it seeks to undermine, that only a fool would think it worth pursuing. As I’ve said before, Christians who employ the TAG are like builders who put up a church, then shout from the steeple that the entire world below it is actually hanging down from the roof! The mental gymnastics needed to reach the conclusions that the TAG claims to supply must drive even it’s most balanced fans insane.

Read Bob’s failure here –

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4 thoughts on “Oh Dear, @Piltdownsupermn Discovers the TAG

  1. I like your analogy of the church:) pretty much sums it up.

  2. Good grief. Did you get a load of the first piece of "evidence" that guy uses to show that atheists are irrational?Buona sera. On a personal experience, subjective perspective, it is easy to see that atheism is irrational. Just look at what it does to people:Vituperative trolling on the Internet, often under multiple assumed namesUhhh, sounds like anyone we know?He goes on:Fundamentalist jihad replaces rational thought, where hatred of Christians is more important than the logic that they claim to appreciateBasic lack of civility — this makes me wonder if the hate-consumed angry atheists are unemployable, as they spend an inordinate amount of time attacking people on the InternetWell, let's see: Love letters Dawkins gets (the guy whose picture Sorenson has on the side of that little article.)Then, there's the youtube videos of Dawkins reading his hate mail.

  3. Hah. Looks like another xian fundy is doing what Sorenson is accusing atheists of. Get a load of /nunuvyurbiznezJinx/Jason/Jay McHue getting caught out here.He bounces from PZ's blog to that "Camels with Hammers" blog that the above poster links to, and he makes a total wanker of himself. Skim through both blogs…this Jinx guy is in a way actually worse than HA ever was.

  4. Jinx McHugh has turned up a couple of times here as well, he's a total dick

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