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A Comment on Comments

I’ve had to switch off completely anonymous comments. This is due to one individual who seems set on trolling and insulting every time he posts.

Most people who post here have proper IDs set up, so it shouldn’t matter too much. I apologise to any genuine people who may want to comment but will be prevented by the slight change.

I’m hoping this small alteration in the way comments are handled will prevent me having to take the next step and introducing moderation (something I really don’t want to do).

If you’re one of the people I’m now deleting whenever I see your posts, do us all a favour and just give up. You’re wasting your time here.

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2 thoughts on “A Comment on Comments

  1.      I remember that I turned off anonymous comments when I got a threat. These days, it's way back in the archives. On one level anonymous commenting can be convenient. Unfortunately, there are too many people who will abuse it.

  2. I have been considering being more active in my own blog and this is something I will have to consider myself.

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