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@GodsWordIsLaw, Less Influential Than He Thinks

Yes! I’ve finally ‘made it’! Read this –

The radical Atheist blogger who goes by the name of “Alex Botten” and runs AnAtheistViewpoint has been relentlessly cyber-stalking our twitter and blog over the last few months trying to benefit from our new found e-fame and the proof is in the pudding.

Keith’s blogged about me! I’m all teary eyed with happiness! Touched by his greatness! With all the millions of people he claims read his blog seeing that, there’s BOUND to be a HUGE upswing in visitors to my site, isn’t there? 

Let’s look at today’s stats, shall we?

Huh, that’s weird, the biggest lull seems to be around the time Keith posted his ‘article’! How strange! It’s almost as if no-one reads his blog AT ALL…..

In fact, it’s almost as if my articles about Keith have been popular because people want to see his relentless bullshit exposed for what it is!

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18 thoughts on “@GodsWordIsLaw, Less Influential Than He Thinks

  1. He's influential enough to make you constantly talk about him, past the point where anyone reading thinks you are boring on the subject, past the point where you look like an obsessed high school student who is new to the web and can't let go, all the way to the point where you are actually starting to make even disinterested readers such as myself wonder if maybe you're engineering all this after all because otherwise you would long since have lost interest. Christian trolls are not interesting, not even when they hide behind sock puppets.Do yourself and everyone else a favor: go do something else for a week or so. Stop posting these obsessive comments about some random idiot and let go. Particularly stop doing the "this image is one pixel off from what I say it should be, therefore FRAUD" things; you sound like a birther. Find something else to do. Read the Pharyngula archives or watch movies or play some games or something.

  2. Or, here's a thought, maybe I'm getting loads of people reading the blog because they're interested? Wow! Could that be the case do you think? Could it be that people are ENJOYING seeing this witless cunt hung out to dry? If people were bored they wouldn't be reading the posts, would they?

  3. Congrats on your newly acquired membership of the One Year Old Blog club. I got there 2 days ago too. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks! I'd completely forgotten it was today!

  5. Or, here's a thought, maybe I'm getting loads of people reading the blog because they're interested? Or you could be getting lots of hits from the people you're continuing to talk about and their weird little friends, if any of course, obsessing over the extra publicity, looking for any errors in your wording which they can use to provoke you, and trying to think for further stunts they can pull to make you keep going with this.And hit counts mean very little on a syndicated blog, into which category yours fits. You don't syndicate truncated entries to Planet Atheism (some blogs do, ending with a link saying "more below the fold"), so the only times I actually load a page from for you is when I want to leave a comment.

  6.      The "vicar's" reply leads me to a question. Why would disinterested readers be reading this blog at all? For that matter, why is the "vicar" reading? He identifies himself as not being interested in what you have to say. Is he being tied down and forced to read this blog somehow?

  7. Got in in one, Pvb.

  8. It's always amusing when disinterested parties tell you you should stop doing what you're doing because it would … err what? … make them more disinterested?

  9. I'm always amused by "disinterested" people who are so disinterested that that they write not one but two long messages to register their disinterest.

  10. Okay, one more time. Let's see if WordPress will actually let me use my account now that I have it. (You haven't defeated me yet, — I've handled buggier web services than you!)I never said wasn't interested in reading this blog. Pvblivs, do you actually read things before replying to them? I said I read this blog's content via PlanetAtheism's syndication, so I seldom load actual pages from this site. Since it is even possible to do that, page load counts can't possibly be an accurate method of measuring which posts are most often read.(And Alex, sorry if you have had to read my other attempts to post — well, preview, actually — this same message. Someday I will meet the Google employees responsible for maintaining Blogger in a dark alley and I will then become responsible for entirely redefining "militant atheist". At least this time I remembered to copy the text of the post before the previous attempt, so I don't have to retype.)(And, after a successful preview attempt: hip hip hooray, it looks like things are finally working. It seems Blogger won't accept a WordPress account unless there is actually a blog associated with that account. What a way to run a railroad.)

  11.      "I never said wasn't interested in reading this blog. Pvblivs, do you actually read things before replying to them?"     As a matter of fact, I do. Now, you may find it strange; but when you say "even disinterested readers such as myself" [emphasis added] I tend to think you are saying you are not interested in reading the material in question. In this case, it happens to be this blog. I also consider it rather disingenuous that you now seem to expect me to have known (psychicly?) that you were supposedly reading this off of a third-party site. Perhaps you should consider reading what you write before you post.

  12. Ah, I see, we're having a problem because you don't actually know the meaning of the word "disinterested". The primary meaning, should you choose to look it up in, you know, a dictionary, is "not influenced by considerations of personal advantage". I'm not expecting you to be psychic — just literate.Watch out for "enormity", too.

  13.      " should you choose to look it up in, you know, a dictionary"     Why didn't you just tell me you were a troll? Goodbye.

  14. "Why didn't you just tell me you were a troll? "Because I'm not.You're the one who started calling me names and impugning my motives, apparently entirely because you aren't willing to look up the meanings of words you don't know. That's not precisely trolling, but I suspect that the ugly behavior here is yours, not mine.

  15. Still arguing about who is what and who is a sock puppet. Even arguing about literacy.Anything but atheism vs Christianity as none of you know where you stand on those issues.So why are you here on this site? Just enjoy the filth and abuse I guess.

  16. Seems that the insane 'Paul' is STILL desperate to share his 'opinions'. 'Paul', I'm going to put it simply, so that even you can understand – fuck off. Clear?

  17. And another huge block of text typed by a maniac deleted unread. What a sad, sorry, waste of time that was eh? I'll repeat myself, 'Paul', please fuck off. You're not welcome here, and I'm just going to delete every word you type from here on in.

  18. …and, I feel it needs saying, I'm deleting without reading any of it.

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