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Just What is @GodsWordIsLaw Playing at? UPDATED!

Earlier today twitter user RockPeeJay spotted something very odd going on over at Keith ‘@GodsWordIsLaw‘ Roberts secondary account, @cfamablog

As you can see, from the bottom of the image, that’s definitely the @cfamablog twitter, but it’s been altered to look like the account of another right winger, @Walken4GOP

Could it be anything to do with this article by Keith, where he claims to have outed Walken4GOP as a poe? Obviously the tweets from @Walken4GOP look genuine, the O on GOP is not an 0 as in the fraudulent @Walken4G0P that Keith set up…..but what’s going on? Why has Keith changed his account, for a few minutes, to one that imitates someone else?

And why, when one looks at the screen print that Keith posted, does the lettering look off? Below is a set of images, the top is Keith’s screen shot, below it is the same lettering on Twitter in IE on Windows 8, followed by the same on Chrome on the Mac, and Safari on the Mac.

The last one is obviously more pixelated, but that’s purely down to having to blow the text up to 400% to for comparison against the others. I dunno, something about the top one doesn’t look quite right. I’m sure, if you had an account called Walken4G0P it would be a very simple matter to photoshop the OP over the 0P after sending a tweet to yourself.

I really shouldn’t care, as Walken4GOP is just as rancid a Keith when it comes to hate speech, but something is smelling of bullshit.


Several people have pointed out that Keith made a pigs ear of his Photoshopping, let me show you.

First, it’s important to notice a few things about Twitter –

Notice that the text is all left justified, as the guide line I dropped in shows. That’s a public time line, here’s what it looks like in the private messages window – 

Again, notice the text is left justified.

Now, here’s a close up of one of Keith’s screen shots –

Notice the justification is an absolute mess. The ‘W’ and ‘L’ aren’t lined up and the ‘4’ is off on a journey of its own! This is clearly not an undoctored image. Equally important is the grey line below the tweet, that runs along as a divider under each tweet or message. Look for it in the next image – 

The line just has clearly been pasted over when Keith dropped the edited text in! And look at the rest, the justification is an absolute mess, even the ‘H’ and ‘w’ aren’t lined up properly! Again, Keith has very clearly Photoshopped this image. Oh, and if you check the ‘originals’ on Keith’s blog, you’ll see a random ‘delete’ icon appear as well! OOPS!

Do we need any more evidence that the man is a liar?


What’s this? 
Now, Keith can howl ‘Photoshopped!’ all he likes at this image of someone trying to tweet him during the brief time that he changed the account name, but that won’t make the actual link to the tweet in question go away! DOUBLE OOPS!
(Thanks to everyone who has sent me info and screen shots!)

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6 thoughts on “Just What is @GodsWordIsLaw Playing at? UPDATED!

  1. Looks like the aspersions against you are being spread elsewhere.Oh well, free publicity, I guess?

  2. Doesn't look like one can comment there.

  3. @Reynold – I didn't think it was possible to fit so much fail into such a short blog article but whoever wrote that has managed to falsify that hypothesis.

  4. Keith's been accused of Photoshopping the Chet Walken tweets elsewhere:!/CFAMAblog/status/157284605022580739

  5. Heh! Look at the image of the tweet in "final conclusive proof" in Keith's post. The HR line rule (Which you can see underneath the icon) is in the same place as the previous tweet, but has been overlapped by the text. It looks like the screengrab of the previous tweet has been used as the source file for this "screengrab".

  6. Also, notice the font size for the tweet text is slightly bigger in the second, the tweet text is not exactly left-aligned with the "Walken4GOP".Much more surprising is the presence of the "delete" icon at the bottom of the tweet. You only have a delete icon if you *created* the tweet.

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