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From the Comments

A pseudonymous sockpuppet called ‘Robby’ claims he has spoken to his shrink about me. Having received no emails in my every day gmail account (after his brother ‘Paul’ stated one had been sent), I went and looked at my Hotmail account, one that I never, ever use.

Sure enough, there was the email!

I’m posting it here, in full, without comment, as it shows just how insane and deluded the writer of it is. Enjoy!

Hello Alex,

Straight fro me to you. No sock puppet my man, a concerned citizen.

I said I would have my shrink take a look at your site and give me a

He read for about 5 minutes, read your “About me” page. Then he shut it
down and said “This man needs help. But I’m not prepared to give a
diagnosis based on that stuff. I will say I see OCD, BPD, Anger
issues,and the possibility of bp but the anger doesn’t fit with the
highs as you know. It fits with the down time of bp but not all of it.

I find his rejection of you and your brother as figments of somebody’s
imagination to be a simple defence against truth. I treat you but not
your brother but you have brought him in and you are both highly ethical
and honest people. I know neither of you would lie to anyone about
anything really, particularly their mental condition.

I laud you for trying to warn this man but suggest you stop as he is
pretty far gone. Just look at his About me Page and you can see it.

He runs 4 blogs. Follows, what, 30? And claims he has outside interests.
I would have to say those other interests are currently fantasy for no
one can hold a job and write 4 blogs and follow so many and even have
time to sleep.

Stay away from him, he is quite dangerous, to himself and those close to
him mainly but I see potential for a blow up there and do not want you
near it”.

So you won’t hear from me again Alex. I want none of your problems, I
have enough of my own already thanks.

My only personal comment is “Are bank employees the new US postal

See ya, never.


Spectacular! I’ll write a response to this later, as (unlike the strawman bank employee this ‘Robby’ has created of me) I actually have a job to get on with.

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One thought on “From the Comments

  1. if all psychiatric assessments were based on blogs and blog posts then i think the entire human race would end up in a looney bin. with this nutter at the head of the queue…

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