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Another Faithhead Becomes ‘Broadcast Only’

Whatever you may think of Dustin Segers’ attempts to debunk the Primacy of Existence (if you’re new to this, the short version is – he failed), his outdoor preaching outside abortion clinics, and his palling round with Circular Sye Ten Bruggenfake, at least he was always willing to get into discussions.

Visit his blog now and things appear to have changed, Dustin has joined others such as Bob Sorensen, Eric Hovind, Paul Taylor, and many many more, in disabling comments.

Guess he didn’t like being shown up so regularly by non-believers.

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6 thoughts on “Another Faithhead Becomes ‘Broadcast Only’

  1. and Todd Pitner has the gall to describe Fundamentally Flawed as an echo chamber.

  2. Todd Pitner is flat out insane, and can be ignored.

  3. Well, I think that I may have found out why he's "read only.5. Don't wrangle with unbelievers.Just read on after that heading.Holy fuck.

  4. Holy fuck indeed! I think that clearly explains why Dufusman has retreated! I wonder if he ever admitted to his howling error over the Primacy of Existence?

  5. Reynold,I read what you suggested. Theism is where many subjectivists find their home, and Dustin is no exception. And, with very few changes, what I read could have come from one of any number of subjectivists, from Jim Jones to Marshall Applewhite to Osama Bin Laden.It just indicates, again, the lengths believers will go in furthering their futile agenda of trying to make the arbitrary come true.Ydemoc

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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