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"Why Do You Attack Religious Belief? It’s Harmless!"

I’ve heard the above many times…..

The jury was told the belief in kindoki – the Lingala word for sorcery – was pervasive in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Expert witnesses in the trial would make clear there was “no provision in Congolese life and culture for the maltreatment and abuse of children”, Altman said. “However, if the practice of kindoki is dislocated from the control of churches in the Congo, and the supervisory influence of religious leaders, then it may take on a feral and, indeed, evil character, as we suggest it did here.”

Read the rest here, learn about how ‘harmless’ believing nonsense really is.

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5 thoughts on “"Why Do You Attack Religious Belief? It’s Harmless!"

  1. Sick bastards should be fucking hung, after having twice the torture they put those kids through. My blood is fucking boiling right now.

  2. Alex,Here's a New York Times link to a story about preachers over here in the States beating their kids to death. The story was also covered by Anderson Cooper on CNN. is the CNN link. It's the first of two parts.

  3. Deeply fucked up.

  4. Alex,Here is a link to something from Adam Lee (formerly from the "Daylight Atheism" blog). He touches upon some of the things Robby Hart has complained about: "The Only Way to Win Is to Fight"

  5. Jen McCreight has another example of why religious idiocy must be fought: If they have their way for so long, they feel entitled, and if someone comes along and tries to point out that they shouldn't have it their way in some cases, they go nuts.She has links to some other sources, including one that has some screenshots of the comments that the xian fundies made.

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