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Sorry, But This Is Too Funny

From the comments of my last ‘Keith’ post –

“It is most interesting that you’ve suddendly decided to cease your GodswordisLaw posts, state in your Twitter feed that he’s a poe, that Lovegod50 came out as a poe.. two days after someone came forward stating they could PROVE that YOU were behind all of this.

Save yourself the time, and ADMIT IT IS YOU BEHIND ALL OF THIS, because when the evidence does come out, some of which I’ve seen (not all, admittedly, but enough to convince me) is going to make you look ridiculous, not to mention, decidely deranged.

You’ve been busted. You had your fun, got the attention you wanted, fooled a lot of people, with ALL of your accounts. Now have the bottle to admit it.”

Yes, this person (calling himself Gerry J. Simmons) claims to have ‘evidence’ that ‘proves’ that I’m ‘Keith’! I CANNOT fucking WAIT to see this, I’ll be especially impressed to learn how I supposedly tweeted from the US, whilst I was asleep in my bed in the UK.

Oh, and he should really have done a bit of research, as I’ve been stating I think ‘Keith’ was possibly a poe from practically my first ever post about him – this one from the 12th of October?

Bring it on, ‘Gerry’, bring it on.

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One thought on “Sorry, But This Is Too Funny

  1. Gerry is another of HIS characters, D. Butts, as well as GodsWordIsLaw, LoveGod50, ScienceNerd_, @therealbenk85 and many more. Alex, he is an attention seeker, a schizophrenic loner and is trying to involve you in this to keep the subject alive. Ignore that motherfucker.

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