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Fundamentally Flawed Minicast

I’m not sure whether I’ve the stomach to keep on dealing with these ridiculous fundie halfwits. People like Keith Roberts, Bob Sorensen, Sye Ten Bruggencate, Dan Marvin, Joe Cienkowski and all the other myriad of similarly idiotic morons sicken me.

They swan around blogs, podcasts and twitter, locked into a constant ‘transmit only’ mode, impervious to anything that’s said to point out how wrong they are, and congratulate themselves on how ‘clever’ they’re being. Relentless publicity addicts to a man, they are liars and frauds, and don’t deserve even argument, as argument legitimises their position (in their minds anyway) and encourages them to continue – just look at Eric Hovind for example, the man has never met a lie or delusion he didn’t like!

Contrary to what the naysayers in the comments and on twitter seem to think, I have ZERO interest in being ‘publicly known’ for my atheism, I am not writing this blog, or podcasting, just so I can shore up my ego, I’m doing it because I believe these fuckwits need to be challenged at every turn.

But I’m knackered, and I need a break. So I’m stepping back from the podcast, and I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about this blog, or my twitter account.

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22 thoughts on “Fundamentally Flawed Minicast

  1. tell me something? do the people who take these stories as real do some research? I'm not saying this is the best. it is just something to look at. Tell me what you think!// lurker.

  2. Poor Alex. You can't account for something as simple as counting and you got the nerve to complain about Sye who embarrassed the life out of you.What a shame.

  3. Hezekiah Ahaz said…Poor Alex. You can't account for something as simple as counting and you got the nerve to complain about Sye who embarrassed the life out of you. ? have you looked at the above? read. lurker.

  4. Yea what does it say "lurker"?

  5. Anonymous, HA is clueless about absolutely everything. I mean, he seems to think that Ten Bruggenfake 'embarrassed' me! Fucking comedy gold!

  6. Poisoning the well again Alex's favorite past time.Notice what Alex does though instead of defending his faith. He manufactures a moment for the "atheist" to get a giggle. It's amazing

  7. @above: Lol, what?

  8. Anonymous, don't worry about HA, he's either a troll or unhinged.

  9. Anonymous Alex doesn't know why he can count. So, he makes believe that I am crazy to makeit all better.

  10. There there, Trinity, if you keep on wishing it perhaps it will come true! After all, isn't that what your story book teaches?

  11. Alex,Your last comment makes it clear you do not even know what is written in these many "storybooks" do you? And your logic there is totally missing. Even if these "storybooks" were true then all in it would already be done would it not?But no "storybook" can change the past which is proveable already. So your comment on that is inane and pointless.You are wasting your time doing what you do. You are making a fool of yourself and feeding the believers more and more air in which to breathe.If you are serious about exposing religion for what it is, do something useful.For example, use your site to report all the cases of priests and similar abusing little boys and girls. Paedophiles.There are so many already caught and convicted and back out of jail you could interview them about their "faith" and vows of chastity and why they meant nothing.You could interview all those priests and similar who have given up their so called faith and ask them for the reasons they did so.You see, their own telling the truth about why their faith was a fraud will achieve far more than you shrieking here about nobodies so your sycophants can find amusement.If they explain properly the reasons for losing their faith would that not prove more than you ever will with your current Sye like antics. I've met Sye before, years ago and he is still doing what he did then. As you will be in another 10 years unless you think about your options.Get serious about this. How many sites are there dedicated to what I've suggested above? I haven't seen one, have you?You think you are getting good hit numbers here, such a site would go through the roof.And you don't have to take any legal risks to do it as you would simply be reporting already reported facts and convictions and getting statements from those who have lost faith. Their words only, not yours.Of course you could still rant and rave about it but that drives people away and attracts the crazies. Which is all you attract now.Think about it. You were proudbly boasting about how many downloads of a podcast have been made. But, have you ever considered who would download such a rant?I can tell you. The crazies, from both sides of this issue. And, of course, those who do not have the mental capacity to make their own decisions so they borrow yours or use yours to oppose.You make it so easy for them to dismiss you. Does that match your ego?

  12. Oh, are you still here 'Robby'? Sorry, I'm not remotely interested in your poorly researched attack on me.I'm sure you got a stiffy posting it though, so that's something for you, eh?

  13. Interesting point Alex.But I have a question I know you believe that there is no intelligence in things. So, mind explaining why you even bother opening your mouth? Aren't you being Inconsistent at that point?

  14. "I know you believe that there is no intelligence in things" please cite your source for this statement.

  15. Alex you are my source.Is there intelligence or not?

  16. One has to wonder why HA seems to think that biblegod is able to "account" for "counting" when biblegod's holy book can't even consistently handle simple mathematics.Alex I'd recommend maybe a few weeks of no blogging, etc…maybe let the other guys handle the podcast for a bit, then see how you feel. Perhaps that's why HA and those other guys are doing this? To wear you down? Perhaps banning should become an option? It's your call though, not mine.I'd hate to see this blog close down but again, it's your call, not mine.

  17. Wow…I'm the "well poisoner"? After all those names he calls me? Note that HA has ignored the point I brought up.Though he'll probably call that "well poisoning" or something like that too.Maybe if he answers the question of how a god that can't consistently do simple mathematics is somehow the justification for the concept of "counting" then maybe we can talk again.

  18.      "Reynold sometimes well poisoning is legitimate, for example, in your case."     Translation: Hezekiah thinks rules are for other people.He feels that he can do whatever he wants.     That is the problem I have with the conspicuous evangelical christians. They have no standards for themselves but want to hold outsiders to very high standards.

  19. Pvb has it. As for HA: …I said that if he could find a way to explain how his god can't do simple mathematics can somehow account for the concept of "counting" then I'd deal with him again.He dodged as usual.

  20. That should be: "…a way to explain how his god who can't do simple mathematics…"

  21. Reynold,Thank you for those links you gave me yesterday. I'm currently reading about Gish and the case of the "Bullfrog Proteins." It's a fascinating account, showing the lengths theists will go in their efforts to make the arbitrary true.Thanks. Ydemoc

  22. "Alex you are my source."Please cite where I have said this."Is there intelligence or not?"Where you are concerned, no. Where others are, obviously yes.I've had enough of your rank stupidity, I'll be deleteing your arsewash from now on.

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