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Other Things I Do

Believe it or not, I do actually have time to do things other than running this blog and endlessly tweeting about idiots, and here are some of them…..

I guess the main thing that might interest recent visitors is the Fundamentally Flawed podcast I co-host with an excellent gang of fellow skeptics. It’s irreverent, often quite rude, ridiculously sweary, and (hopefully) often rather funny. Good places to start with it would be the Westboro Baptist interview, the Miss Raissa special, Joe Cienkowski’s wife talking about life with one of my ‘favourite’ fundie creationists. You can subscribe via iTunes by clicking here, or (if you don’t use Apple’s media player) you can download the individual episodes from here. We have a website here.

I’m also a visual artist and musician, and you can find links to a load of my stuff by going to

I guess I might as well mention the t-shirts I design as well, who knows, someone might like them? You can see those here (I’m especially proud of ‘Time Cop‘)

As for this blog, there are over 600 articles to have a look at, some of those are quite sweary as well.

Lastly, I wrote a book about what it’s like being in unsuccessful indie bands in the UK, you can get that on iTunes as well by clicking here, or you can get a physical copy from here.

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