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@LoveGod50 Steps From Behind the Curtain

I’ve a grudging respect for him to be honest, the amount of abuse he received would have surely caused many many lesser Poes to give up days earlier.
Unless, of course, this is a double bluff, and he’s now a Poe of a Poe!! Da da DAAAAAAAAAAAA!! (that’s meant to be a dramatic sting btw, I know, it’s crap)

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4 thoughts on “@LoveGod50 Steps From Behind the Curtain

  1. I had so much fun abusing this guy! almost disapointed he isnt real. Kept me entertained and hell! some of the tweets he got in response were so funny!!! #hackedbyhomosexualdolphins

  2. It was an entertaining ride! I'm glad that 'Patrick' doesn't exist though!

  3. Although I did not know this was a poe i categorically knew that the owner of this account was not a Christian. I knew it because, when challenged on scripture, they failed to respond to me and any others. I knew something was up.The problem is now surely it begs questions about atheists (not you guys) posing as Christians to essentially stir up hatred. I'm actually disappointed its a fake because of what this means. The fact it garnered substantial media interest, and duped even a famous celebrity, is even more stupid. This guy should have quit long ago and left it way, way too late.

  4. … Also, what does this mean for Keith? Is he an even more elaborate poe? I am leaning this way far more so now. Like the above statement I hope he isn't, because that's far less a worse scenario, than a faker.

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