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Hopefully the Last Post About @GodsWordIsLaw

For some reason, Keith himself turned up and made a post last night, before deleting it almost immediately when he (seemingly) realised he was still logged in to his main Blogger account….

Now, before you say ‘ah, that’s just an account set up to make Keith look bad!’ I’ll direct you to this post on his ‘Anti sodomite association’ blog, where you can see ‘ASAkeith’ posting. And where does the ASAkeith username lead? To this blogger profile (number 04425670798402882539 if you’re interested). But what of the ‘ASAkeith’ who posted and then deleted? Why! It’s the SAME account!

So what did Keith say that he wanted to delete? Unfortunately for Mr Roberts I get every comment on this blog emailed to me the second it’s posted, so I was able to retrieve what he wrote –

“Heres what I think… I think LoveGod50 is a Poe and he’s trying to make Keith look like a bigger fool than he already looks.” 

So Keith thinks that LoveGod50 is a Poe, and that his own persona is that of a ‘fool’! I’d say that was pretty conclusive proof that @GodsWordIsLaw is a fake himself.

Game over ‘Keith’, game over.

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21 thoughts on “Hopefully the Last Post About @GodsWordIsLaw

  1. Who CARES? You're obsessed with him, to the point of insane paranoia. Yes Homophobia should be tackled,but this is ridiculous. Any idiot with a tenth of a brain can tell they are all satire accounts. Shit ones, but poes nonetheless.If people like you shut the fuck up and stop paying attention to these jerks, they'll get the hint and fuck off.

  2. Gerry, simple solution for you, don't read it.There, all better.

  3. You gotta love the atheist vs atheist cat fights its beautiful.

  4. Dude I unfollowed you on Twitter ages ago, and your followers retweet your inane crap every five minutes. Short of unfollowing all of them as well, it's a bit difficut NOT to be bombarded by this neverending nonsense. It's little wonder people are speculating that you are behind all of this, a speculation I don't buy into, as you are far too single-minded & obsessed to be both. Either that or you truly are a psychopath. It's interesting that you are suddenly "blocked" the moment that suggestion came to fruition.Some of us like following other atheists, but when half of our followers retweet you, and more importantly, YOUR retweets of "Keith", it's tiring, especially if, like me, you ARE gay. YOU are, by retweeting every fucking thing "Keith" says, filling timelines with it.Perhaps you'd rather we all leave Twitter, so you and hateboy can have it all to yourselves.

  5. Get over yourself Gerry, I can't help it if people retweet me (and not that many do, so I don't know why you think that)There are over 600 entries on this blog, and only a tiny fraction of those are about Keith, with this being the final one. I'm sorry you've got a problem with me, but that's nothing I can do anything about – unless you're proposing some kind of censorship.As I said, get over yourself.

  6. C'mon Alex I thought you were a tough guy.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. [Re: previous deleted post. That'll teach me to not preview before posting.]Gerry, I think the fascination arises mostly from the appreciation of the comedy value. It certainly does for me, I can no longer take him seriously.By way of comparison, there are almost 400 posts over at Cookd and Bombd's Comedy Chat about Limmy's genuinely masterful Twitter trolling.

  9. I'm, not going to say the shit that was slang above, hey assholes he id on to something, who gives a fuck what you think. It's his blog, if your going to write a 2 paragraph ass beating about " who cares" go to another blog. I'm for it!!!

  10. Sorry Trinity, I'm deleting links to your stupid 'challenges', as they're a) off topic, and b) so thoroughly retarded as to be an embarrassment to all human beings.

  11. Alex you're not a human being.

  12. Whatever, Trinity.

  13. Trinity wrote: "Alex you're not a human being."Once again, this statement is brought to you by Christianity, a worldview that attempts to make the arbitrary true.Ydemoc

  14. I think exposing Keith is important. Poes can seem legitimate to a random person who happens to see a comment made by them. For example, I used to be fooled by Keith and consider him legitimate. Celebs like George Michael and Ricky Gervais are fooled and responding to Keith. Even Huffington Post consistently reports on CFAMA like it's a legitimate Christian organization.Aleph, I personally think the fascination behind Keith is that nobody knows what his true motive or intent is. But I think we can now conclusively say his motive is not to "create a moral world."So great work Alex. And yeah, get over yourself Gerry.

  15. Honestly, it's total lack of common sense to go in someone else's blog to tell its owner what to write or not. Gerry, if you do not like what you read, is simple, just fuck off. Alex does a great job exposing the idiocy of these bigots and we should be thankful for that.

  16. One reason I've followed Alex's blog for so long is that he, like me, loves finding out about the hilarious folly of religious fundamentalists.True, not everyone will share this fascintion, but for those of us who do, this blog is pure gold. If this doesn't interest you … why are you here?

  17. It is most interesting that you've suddendly decided to cease your GodswordisLaw posts, state in your Twitter feed that he's a poe, that Lovegod50 came out as a poe.. two days after someone came forward stating they could PROVE that YOU were behind all of this.Save yourself the time, and ADMIT IT IS YOU BEHIND ALL OF THIS, because when the evidence does come out, some of which I've seen (not all, admittedly, but enough to convince me) is going to make you look ridiculous, not to mention, decidely deranged.You've been busted. You had your fun, got the attention you wanted, fooled a lot of people, with ALL of your accounts. Now have the bottle to admit it.

  18. Hilarious! No, I can't 'admit' to something that isn't true! Let's see this 'evidence' then!

  19. Actually, Gerry, what's really "interesting" is that you've decided to connect non-existant dots together to support a conspiracy theory you claim to have "evidence" for, but do not present.LoveGod50 coming out as a poe is a proven fact, not merely an opinion in Alex's head. I know, because I saw LoveGod50 confirming it on Twitter, and told Alex myself. Similarly, the fact that Keith made a post in comments and then deleted it would have been seen by many of the readers of this blog. I certainly noticed it. These not just bald statements by Alex, these are conclusions from actual events that have been witnessed by many. The reason Alex is "suddenly" stopping posts on Keith is that Keith "suddenly" accidentally revealed himself as a fake. Unlike you, Alex does not need to claim to have "seen" evidence, he does actually have it, and people besides himself have seen it.You're going to have present some pretty convincing "evidence" before you can say Alex is "busted".

  20. I'm looking forward to seeing the 'evidence', and I'm sure 'Gerry' is aware that I've been calling 'Keith' a Poe since pretty much my first post about his vileness.Oh, didn't you realise that 'Gerry'? Is that going to put a kink in shifting the attention away from the real 'Keith' now he's been proved to be a poe?

  21. Hey, 'Gerry', where's this evidence then??

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