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"I’ve Been Hacked!" Cries @GodsWordIsLaw…..AGAIN

Sounding increasingly like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, racist, misogynist, homophobic, arsewit/poe @GodsWordIsLaw has, once again, claimed to have been ‘hacked’. Last night, a series of tweets appeared from his account claiming that Keith was a ‘former’ homosexual –

Shortly after this burst of candid tweeting, our homophobic chum locked his tweets completely, then trotted out his (now familiar) favourite excuse – ‘I’ve been HACKED’

Hacked again, Keith? Is this now your default excuse when you say something you later regret? If you are being hacked, then you must be using the most useless passwords ever – ‘ILoveKeith’ perhaps, or ‘GodsWordIsLaw’…..

Honestly, I’d really like to stop writing about this clown, but whilst he’s being so relentlessly hapless that’s not going to happen!

As a further example of his Mr Bean-like tendencies, he today requested that his 7000+ followers ‘Like’ his Facebook page…..

How successful was the request? Have a look…..

Eleven whole ‘likes’! WELL DONE, KEITH! WELL DONE!

In other news, an anonymous commenter here has claimed that he has evidence that I’M Keith! He says he’ll reveal his ‘evidence’ in a couple of days. I, for one, cannot wait to see it!

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4 thoughts on “"I’ve Been Hacked!" Cries @GodsWordIsLaw…..AGAIN

  1. Be sure to report the page to Facebook. I just did…

  2. Up to 15 likes now…

  3. he violates facebook policies with his blog so the page is illegal simple fact :-).. but his raptureNYE is still the best yet another claim of hacking !!!

  4. Dear anonymous,Illegal? Facebook policies are not law. Well, not yet anyway so there is nothing illegal about whatever he did, whoever he was or is.Get a grip, please. Go read up on the law and see if hacking is even against any laws. I can tell you it can be but isn't for most hacking as it is of no consequence.Having been on FB for a while I have to say I saw nothing of consequence and mainly 14 year olds squabbling about how many friends they had and who was their BFF.Well there were multi thousands of convicted paedophiles too, obviously, given the age of most users. Last count of the rock spiders I read was just over 50,000. That means those that have been caught and convicted too. No one knows how many others there are on that site.You actually need more than a grip if you are thinking FB rules are law. They are NOT.

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