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I’m not going to say too much about this latest spray of jizz from Bob ‘Piltdown Superman’ Sorensen, apart from to point out that he seems to be arguing against evolution by posting an article about rapid evolution.

Supposedly evolution now disproves evolution! WHO KNEW!!??

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13 thoughts on “Incredible

  1. Do you really spend this much time reading these cretins blogs and Twitters?Why? You won't change them, just give them air time. But that's about getting youself viewers isn't it?How about we hear from you how you came to be an atheist and what that means for you.Silence reigns. I am atheist by the way but don't have a need to rave about other's views except the ignorant on this site who claim to be atheist but are fakes as they don't know what it means.I don't bother to even read them as I know what they would say. Don't you, yet? Are you continually surprised that they say the same things over and over? And do you have to refute it all over and over? What a waste of time. Do something useful about atheism if you have any interest at all.What you have here is a gathering of people with IQ's that struggle to make 3 figures. You know, people who will believe anything they are told. But you know all that already don't you?Dare you to publish this, just for starters.

  2. robby, you seem a little confused. I've explained my reasons for not believing many times in this blog, even writing a narrative entry telling most of the story. You'd know this if you'd bothered to read any of it.and defending HA aka Trinity?? Really?? The guy is clearly either a troll or a cretin (my money is on both).speaking for myself, i draw attention to, and refute, these articles because i want to make sure that any fence sitters out there know that people like Bob Sorensen, Sye Ten Bruggencate, and Eric Hovind are entirely full of shit. in your attack on me you seem blissfully unaware that, alongside this blog, i'm also involved in the Fundamentally Flawed podcast, a podcast that had 190,000 downloads last month alone. We've interviewed lots of people on that, including the insane Steve Drain of Westboro Baptist Church.What have YOU done to match or exceed that?

  3. Alex:     He is pretending to be another, defending himself.

  4. Alex,Did you see the post I wrote to Robby Heart? At the end I said: "Oh, one more question: Have you ever thought that it might be a fantastic idea for a Christian to pose as a non-Christian or non-believer, say, as a ruse on a blog in order to bait atheists into this, that or the other? That seems like a good idea to me. I bet it won't be too long before someone tries it. What do you think?"Hmmm…Ydemoc

  5. Alex B,You seem to think there is a war or something similar. This is where you depart from sanity I'm afraid.Atheists have no need to oppose anyone as true atheists are rock solid in knowing there is no God. We don't preach, they do.Why do you feel the need to keep on trying to prove it and disprove the beliefs of others? Have you ever succeeded with that approach? You can't you know. They believe what they want and arguing never changed anyone's beliefs.Or are you saying we should fight the believers any way we can?They are dying out naturally you fools but the more you agitate the more they stick to what they have. That's how humans work.Just give the aggro a rest would ya'. It achieves nothing. This podcast or whatever you mention. I've never heard of it and you know why? Because I am not an activist and see no need for it. 190000 downloads in a month. Wow, staggering. Less than the average Youtube clip. Good going. They are only looking for humour, not preaching.You invite argument. Tell me what that achieves, other than more hits for your web site?Does it do anything to break down the numbers of believers? No, it probably confirms them as your approach is so offensive to them. And most atheists I know.It is simply self interest that drives this site and you crowed about those numbers yourself only recently. With about 50 topics about that God'slaw cretin. Pathetic stuff Alex.Like I said before, try doing something useful on this front instead of stirring them up, creating moronic faux atheists and simply cause more problems this world does not need.Silence on this topic would achieve far more than your activist approach, and already has. If you don't believe that then explain why church attendances and numbers of believers have declined over the last 100 years? Slightly before internet.You haven't thought this through at all have you. Take a look at your "followers" mate. Most seem to struggle to put two words together. Semi literate is the truth. Look at Ydemoc seeking your approval for coming up with a brilliant ruse that has been used since the internet started. Gee, where did he get that from? A complete idiot. Ignores the facts about atheism and no God and cries "Troll".They are all paranoid morons Alex, don't you see that. You enjoy their company do you?I am confused about nothing and I have no intention of ploughing through all the crap posts on this site to read something you wrote a year ago. Only an idiot would suggest that.You're just not able to sumarise why you think you are an atheist and how you became such are you? Avoid the issue, just makes it all more obvious. Are you the mole Christian Ydemo rants about?You see most people actually change their views on everything as they grow and learn. You want to stay where you are forever, do it. Get run over by the future. And please, give those little treasures above a little pat on the head for being obedient little doggies else they'll cry.Ydemoc can't even write a name correctly.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. "Rob": We fight the religious because it's the religious who are tring to get anti-science bullshit taught in schools, so we have to fight that with groups like the National Center for Science Education.It's the religious who are trying to undermine the constitution, based on their religious beliefs, so we have to fight that with the help of groups like Americans United and the military religious freedom foundation.That's why we fight. Sitting on our asses and doing nothing will only let them get more powerful and let them abuse (your) constitution even more.Fuck that.Though none of those groups listed above are actually atheist; we don't have enough people or political power to actually effect positive change by ourselves. We have to rely on the few sensible religious people out there who care enough about science and the constitution to help out.So, "Rob": If you want to be useless…fine. Don't tell us to be useless too, ok?

  8. 'Robby', I'm sorry that you're too stupid to work out how to use the blog archive over there ->, but that's really no reason to indulge in transference over your obvious, and deeply felt, inadequacies.Now have you anything *useful* to say, or are you just going to continue claiming that Trinity (obviously insane and/or an idiot) is 'rational'?

  9. PZ Myers has another example of why we should fight these guys. Look at what those in power like this guy are proposing.

  10. Hi again, Robby,You seem to have taken it as a slight that I spelled your name wrong. I apologize if that offended you, and I certainly welcome any criticism you have regarding my grammar and spelling. If you notice any other such mistakes, please let me know as soon as possible, won't you? After all, I've gotten on Trinity's case for similar mistakes. Anyway, you wrote, addressing Alex: "Are you the mole Christian Ydemo rants about?"I don't think I used the word "mole" nor would I describe what I wrote as a "rant." I simply brought my thoughts to Alex's attention — and your misspelling of my name is noted.Robby wrote: "Look at Ydemoc seeking your approval for coming up with a brilliant ruse…"See above. I sought no one's "approval." You appear to be assuming things.Robby continued: "…that has been used since the internet started." And therefore… what?Robby wrote: "Gee, where did he get that from?"Where do you think? Robby wrote: "A complete idiot."Yes. At times, some people certainly can be.Robby wrote: "Ignores the facts about atheism and no God and cries "Troll".What "facts" did I ignore in my very lengthy response? And where did I use the word or cry, "Troll"? I simply brought an issue to Alex's attention. Why get so sore about it?Ydemoc

  11. There is also the fact that it's the religious who are making it possible in Tennessee to harass gay students through having a religious exemption.The proposal would alter the state's anti-bullying laws to allow students to speak their religious and political views against homosexuality without punishment as long as the student isn't threatening harm or damaging property."This kind of legislation can send a message that it's ok to hate and we'll even give you religious sanction for it. You can say what you want. As long as you say it's for religious reasons, you've got backup," said Chris Sanders, with Tennessee Equality Project.Get a load of what the bill's backer (a former Repug state senator!) said about it:In an interview, Fowler said, "the purpose is to stop bullying, not create special classes of people who are more important than others."Think about that for a minute: This bill would allow religious students to harrass gays because of the bully's religious beliefs. Yet this guy says he wants to stop bullying and prevent "certain classes" of people from being made. A complete inversion of reality here.This is another reason why those fuckheads have to be exposed and fought.

  12. And lastly, the ultimate reason why we fight religiosity: People can get killed because of belief in this shit.

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