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And Now @LoveGod50 is Claims HE’S Been ‘Hacked’ As Well!!

Latest tweet at the top. Not sure what ‘Patrick’ is playing at, considering he’s very obviously a Poe.

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6 thoughts on “And Now @LoveGod50 is Claims HE’S Been ‘Hacked’ As Well!!

  1. Actually, this might be someone who is seriously mentally ill. I had a distant relative who had always been a little "off" and who went into full-blown mental illness when she got to the age of around 65, and she started doing things like that. That is, doing really exaggeratedly nasty things which were consistent with her usual opinions but beyond her usual scope of behavior, and then forgetting she had done them and insisting that someone else had done it all. In her case, she was certain that her neighbor was breaking in and moving things around (and occasionally stealing them), and became more and more paranoid about "protecting" her stuff. Had she been on Twitter, and heavily Christian, this is about what she would have sounded like. If this is the case, you can look forward to more of the same — bizarre outbreaks followed by claims that their account has been hacked again, over and over and over.By the way: you might want to stop with the play-by-play commentary. Speaking as someone who sees your posts via the Planet Atheism aggregator, you seem unhealthily obsessed with these idiots. Give them a rest for a week and then post an update. Otherwise, you're letting THEM dictate the contents of YOUR blog.

  2. They are really starting to seem like poes. And I aggree, a weekly summary would be more succinct & I suspect better display their inane nature.

  3. The writing style is the same, but trying to be different, they are run by the same individual in my opinion…

  4. Well said Vicar, Some here have become totally obsessed with this crap.They are doing exactly what you say. Giving that creep or creeps life by covering it so often. Thank Goodness someone else can see that.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. TBH I'm getting bored with Keith now, especially now he's jumped the sharked twice in the first two days of this year. He's basically turned into a US versh of Karl Pilkington, only really desperate for attention. I noticed the post above by Keith which was then deleted, presumably in the full knowledge that Alex gets an email of the comment pre-deletion. And his profile has gone private (and renamed "KR"), which raises some suspicion in my mind that the "anonymous" gentleman in another thread promising some "expose" of Alex as Keith is probably Keith himself just about to create another blog, which would have been listed in his Blogger profile had it been public. Not that by this point I really give a shit. Since NYE, it just seems to be "I'll say something outrageous" to get people talking, then back-pedalling eg "OMG I'VE BEEN HACKED BY VILE ATHEISTS!!!!" which is a bit rubbish, even as entertainment. Either he's real, and needs help, or he's a troll, and outstaying his welcome. Either way, he's got zero credibility, and as generally known as such on the internet.

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