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@GodsWordIsLaw, the Comedy Never Ends! #RaptureNYE

Just received this tweet –

“Reported for cyber stalking. All your pathetic blogs are about me.”

Who did you report me to, Keith? Was it the Internet Police? I can’t imagine the real police would give any more than ‘not one jot of a fuck’ about your complaint! If you HAVE contacted the actual real police, please feel free to provide the crime reference number!

Really, who does this pathetic little troll think he is? He’s lucky he’s not been arrested for his raging hate speech over the last few months….

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7 thoughts on “@GodsWordIsLaw, the Comedy Never Ends! #RaptureNYE

  1. Clearly nothing to concern yourself with… In the slightest.

  2. I'd love to see him try, perhaps they'll send a virtual policeman round to cyber-arrest me, and take me away in pixel-handcuffs!

  3. Well, he's wrong in that it's only your most recent posts that are about him. At least you can't say that he's been stalking you otherwise he'd know that!

  4. Pixel-Cops, Pixel-Cops, Whatcha gonna do…..

  5. Pixel cops… hehehe Stop right there or we will rasterize you!!!!

  6. I thought they were coming to get me a few moments ago, but it was only my Gameboy start-up chime.

  7. I must advise you that anything you write may be taken down and used in evidence against you, whoever you are. So please don't write about your underwear.We have received complaints, not from God'sLaw but from God himself (yes, he is male).He has instructed that anyone who believes in him must be seen by a mental health specialist as he has declared he is simply a figment of anyone's imagination.Ahhh. Just woke up and find myself here with a post, half finished. Must have been God after all. Keep on trolling God'sLaw.

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