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@GodsWordIsLaw, It Just Gets Funnier

Remember when I said this?

bet he’ll claim that his account had been hacked during this week, and that nothing written was by him…..

It seems that my powers of prediction are significantly better than those of @GodsWordIsLaw, as he’s tweeted this today –

(thanks to Marc for the screen shot)

Comedy gold!

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9 thoughts on “@GodsWordIsLaw, It Just Gets Funnier

  1. Well done for calling it, Alex. I was expecting him to have some shred of self-decency and walk away, as he couldn't just come back after all that buildup without destroying what little reamins of his credibility, but it seems I underestimated his his ego. (He does have previous for this: remember his previous goodbye tweet? That lasted about a day. This time he didn't even wait. He's truly jumped the shark, and whether he's serious or not to himself, no-one will take him seriously ever again.Meanwhile, I notice @Rapture_NYE has revealed himself as a Poe.

  2. Agreed! Keep on him please guys. This guy is the worst human individual I have ever encountered anywhere.

  3. Odd that he didn't notice he was 'hacked' until just after his prediction failed to came true.

  4. Who'd have thought it?

  5. Saw one of his tweets on reddit, spent the next hour and a half rolling through his twitter.Me and my friend just could not stop laughing.My personal favorites would have to be:"Atheists are the racists because the claim we evolved from monkeys but black people still look like monkeys so they didn't evolve" directly after saying black people deserve equal rights and respect."There will be no money or government in the world post rapture. It wall fall apart and the soviet union will rise again."Is it possible he's just trolling? No one can be that stupid…

  6. Anonymous,You spent an hour and a half reading some moron's tweets?Talk about sad, you beat the mob mate. What a great way to spend your time, you and your "friend". You're a very sad case anonymous, can't be an atheist as an atheist would not give a crap what this idiot said, let alone trawl through his Twitter life looking for things to amuse yourself.You don't have a "fiend" really as no two people would be this stupid at the same time. defies any reality check. How many times a day do you "Twitter"?Turn the PC off, open the door and go outside and look around. That's the real world, in case you've forgotten.

  7. Paul DavisFirstly, it would seem that you lack a basic understanding of what the word 'atheist' means. Atheism is simply absence of theism, or lack of believe in theism. You've assimilated this with an active rejection and denouncement of religion, which is called anti-theism. Get the terms right before you label me or anyone else (or yourself for that matter).I'm a sad case because I find that crap that guy posts amusing? I'm a sad case because I find a religious bigots pathetic attempts at rationality amusing? I trawled through there for so long because the level of ignorance, hate and hypocrisy in every single one of his posts is laughable.Since the rest of your post is just a baseless personal attack on the lifestyle of a person you know literally nothing about, I'll just close by saying this.You've just randomly insulted and degraded someone based on their sense of humor, which was directed at someone you call a 'moron' and presumably hate. What does that say about you?

  8. Anonymous,There are many versions of what atheism is defined as. Many such definitions include the word "belief" which implies hope rather than knowledge.Being an athesit is simply knowing there is no God. No beliefs required and no relation to believers is involved at all. It's a personal knowledge and not shared with or by others. It's simply known fact. That is what an atheist is at core level.Of course I reject any religion or belief set that is based on the existence of God. Don't you? To not reject that mass delusion would be to defect from being an atheist. 'Tis you that has strange, perverted views on what atheism means.It's actually very simple. It means I know there is no God. Do you still have doubts?That belief set and the defence of it is one of this planet's biggest problems and has held the population back from progressing to more intellectual levels and pursuits.Unlike yuor own which was trawling through one moron's tweets for amusement. Anyone who uses Twitter is a moron by definition, given the lack of ability to express oneself. But you accuse me of treating that person with disdain etc. I don't need to waste an afternoon reading every word these people say to know what they are. Once is enough. Even for you, surely.It wasn't random, it was directed at you as you crowed about doing what I have just said. How is that random? It's specific you fool.As to degraded, well really. You noticed that at least. If you want to spend your days reading garbage written by morons then keep it to yourself. If you boast about it then don't shoot the messenger when they tell you what you are and have done.You must be new to this if you find those beliefs held by religious nutters amusing. Find something useful to do instead of feeding them more material which in turn feeds their beliefs.A return comment now and then is all that is needed. Ignoring them is far more effective as their words fall on deaf ears.PS, look up the word "random"in the online dictionary.

  9. Paul DavisThe suffix 'a' means absence of. When attached to theism it means absence of theism. Amoral, absence of morals. Asexual, absence of sex. You cannot attach meaning to a word that it does not have simply because you wish it.Any rational atheist knows that it cannot be proved that god does not exist, and as such there exists a possibility, however faint, that he does. He therefore do not result to absolutes like "I know god is not real", because the simple fact is we don't. The correct statement is "Judging by the evidence, there is is an overwhelming indication that god does not exist". I believe in god is the same way I believe in Russel's teapot, I can't disprove it, so there is an extremely faint possibility that it exists. I know Godswordislaw is a hateful moron, but how he expresses himself is simply amusing. Every tweet he just digs himself a deeper hole that contradicts every thing he supposedly stands for and values. That is funny. Everything he says is humorous because of the simple absurdity of it all. So going back to the last point, what is your motivation for attacking me? I have a faint suspicion that you are in fact the same moron from twitter, but I can't prove it so I'll just assume your a hateful, miserable wretch.Atheism is not a doctrine (that doesn't effect the damn definition of the word). I don't have to conform with your hateful and baseless views because you dislike my sense of humor. I've done literally nothing to affect you, yet you saw fit to go on a tirade for whatever reason. I seriously doubt your an atheist, because the vast majority know what it's like to be persecuted by religious fanatics, and don't in turn try and persecute those who share their rationality and critical thinking.Bottom line, your are in your own way as vile as godswordislaw.

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