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Joe Cienkowski: Fuckwit

‘why don’t we see the leader of Hamas com on Facebook? Because he’s not a civil leader, like PM Netanyahu’


Yeah, you tell ’em, Joe! Maybe the Palestinians would be real people if only they went on Facebook, eh?

What Does ‘CARM’ Stand For?

Well, if this article by Matt Slick is anything to go by, it stands for Cretins and Retards Mingling. For added effect, listen to this recording of Matt ranting on in a particularly bitter style, then imagine his voice as you read the article.

Hilariously Deluded

Find out what’s making atheist trolls & evolutionists angry & afraid…


‘Angry’ and ‘afraid’?? Surely you meant ‘Find out what’s making atheists roll on the floor with laughter whilst pointing at that hapless prick Bob Sorensen….’?

Poor Bob, his own assessment of the power of his ‘argument’ is wildly off.

Relentless Fuckwittery from @PiltdownSupermn’s ‘Question Evolution Day’ Group

Today Bob has posted something so idiotic on his Facebook group I felt it deserved a point by point run through. Enjoy!

Here is a quick 10-step procedure, using only logic, reason, and known scientific laws, that will get you to God:

Ooooh, goodie! This should be AMAZING!

1) You Are Thinking (obviously!)

Yes, I am, though I sometimes doubt that Creationists like Bob do very much thinking of their own

2) Those Who Think Exist (“I think, therefore I am” — Rene Descartes)

No, you’ve already made a fundamental error. Those who exist think. Existence always comes before anything else. Descartes should have said ‘I am, and I think, which confirms that I am’. It’s all rather complicated, but the bottom line is existence has to exist before anything else can happen.

3) You Exist In Time (time passes while you think)

This is a statement of fact, but it does nothing to progress your argument for the existence of gods, or even your particular version of your particular god.

4) The Outside World Exists (if YOU exist, then other people outside of yourself who are also thinking must exist as well)

Why? That doesn’t follow at all. You might be the only sentient being in a simulation running on some alien supercomputer (a bit like ‘The Truman Show’, but on a universal scale). For all you know the rest of the universe doesn’t exist when you’re not observing it.

So far, it seems to me that the original writer of this (I seriously doubt it was Bob, as it lacks barely concealed rage in every single fucking word) wants to steal from the Objectivist worldview in order to argue against that same worldview!

But hang on, because the naked assertions are due to start any moment!

5) All Events Are Caused (every cause has an effect; a proven scientific law)

Nope. Some events are entirely spontaneous – Google ‘Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations’, or just click here for an excellent article on the subject.

6) Entropy Is Always Increasing (2nd Law of Thermodynamics)

Only in a closed system. An if you consider the ENTIRE UNIVERSE to be a ‘closed system’ then you need to know that, if every molecule in the Universe could be counted, the number would STILL be smaller than the amount of years our Universe has until its final heat death. So point six is entirely meaningless.

7) Therefore, The Universe Is Winding Down (again, 2nd Law of Thermodynamics)

Yes, the Universe will eventually (probably) reach a steady state where nothing at all happens, but that doesn’t mean it’s ‘winding down’! Seriously, Creationists make these claims without thinking about the fact that energetic things begin all the time. There will be many many generations of new suns before the end of time, which is (to put it mildly) inconvenient to the Creationist argument.

8) The Universe Had A Beginning (anything that is winding down must at one point have been wound all the way up)

Yes it did, but it was possibly one of those Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations that caused it. Remember, the net energy of the entire universe is zero…so questions of ‘where did the energy to start the universe come from?’ are utterly meaningless.

9) The Presence Of Motion In The Universe Requires An Original Mover Who Started Everything Moving (Aristotle’s concept of a Prime Mover)

No it doesn’t. Please provide some evidence to support your naked assertion.

10) The Presence of Complexity Requires An Intelligent Designer (entropy makes increased complexity impossible, unless a living intelligence acts on it from outside)

Out and out nonsense.

CONCLUSION: The idea that the entropy of the Universe can decrease on its own (i.e., create complexity) is IMPOSSIBLE! Thus, something OUTSIDE the law of entropy must have started everything! (Again, Aristotle’s Prime Mover)
For those evolutionists who keep asking for scientific evidence that God exists — HERE IT IS!

Where? Seriously, where? You’ve provided no evidence at all to support your claim, and simply stating that you have doesn’t make it so!

You must try harder, Mr Creationist.

Sloppy Research by @PiltdownSupermn

You may have noticed that Bob Sorensen has quietly changed the date of his ‘Question Evolution Day’ to the 12th of next month. Why the move from the 15th? A small matter of having got Darwin’s birthday wrong!

Sloppy work Bob, very sloppy…and especially amusing given Bob’s constant rants that ‘evolutionists’ never research anything.


EDIT: he’s still claiming it’s the 15th on the ‘Info‘ page –

The Rick Warden Challenge

A while ago I presented a challenge, via this blog, to Christian apologist Rick Warden. This is that original challenge –

Rick, you’ve posted several challenges to atheists on your blog (here, here, and here) which you claim have never been met. Well, the Fundamentally Flawed podcast is happy to discuss your ‘proof’ for the existence of your god via a Skype recorded interview.

In short, we accept your challenge.

When are you available?

Rick responded by claiming that he would only debate online, something I felt was unacceptable considering the nature of the original challenge from myself. In the absence of Rick appearing on the podcast, I asked him to add a statement to his website to the effect of ‘The Fundamentally Flawed podcast were more than happy to meet the challenge I laid down on my blog, but I declined to speak to them’.

To date Rick has failed to add this to his blog, instead accusing myself, and my fellow podcaster Jim Gardner, of numerous things – including the frankly ludicrous claim that we refused to debate him (despite the fact that Jim posted lengthy replies on his site)

Rick, the challenge is still open, are you confident enough in your arguments to discuss them on a podcast? If not I again request that you add the statement above to your website.

Define ‘Gaining Momentum’ Please, @PiltdownSupermn

More delusion rambling from Bob –

‘Gaining momentum’ huh? How many followers on the Facebook page so far, Bob?

Fuuuuuuuuuuck!! 28 members!! WOW! Move over, science, there’s a new MOVEMENT in town!

Compare and Contrast

“Why do they want to shut people up who dare to present contrary evidence and interpretations?”

Those are the words of Bob Sorensen, as are these –

“no more comments except from admins. “

Who’d have thought it?

Creation ‘Research’

Reading through this rather innocuous piece on the website of the Institute for Creation Research, I was struck by the sudden, and naked, assertion in the last line. After a few paragraphs describing the Paddlefish, providing no evidence whatsoever that it is anything other than a rather standard, evolved, creature, they drop this in –

And that means that paddlefish were unquestionably created.

 – and that’s it. The end of the article! No evidence as to WHY it’s unquestionable that the Paddlefish was created, just a barefaced assertion with zero back up.

Even by Creationist standards it’s pretty weak.



…and now @godswordislaw is back, spewing the same inane conservative and homophobic drivel. This poe clearly doesn’t know how to go out in style. I’m bored of him now, unless he does something interesting, I’ll not be writing about him again.

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