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@PiltdownSupermn, Hilarious Tool

Really? Why would that irritate atheists and ‘evolutionists’ (whatever the fuck they are)? Why, honestly, would I (for example) give a flying fuck that you’re stupid enough to give your money to liars?

Come on, Bob, explain to me why I should care?

Oh, and as an aside, I see you’ve now decided that you DO do podcasts! I guess we pegged you right first time – you’re scared of the Fundamentally Flawed gang!

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3 thoughts on “@PiltdownSupermn, Hilarious Tool

  1. So this is supposed to irritate us? We all knew he was a creationist, so why should this surprise us, much less irritate us?It's his money. Or at least, was!"A fool and his money were lucky to be together in the first place"–Harry the Hat.

  2. Well said to this moronic being.What would cause him to think he could irritate atheists? Ignorant people calling names and so on is the same as it has always been. Exposing themselves for what they are. Someone who believes in fantasies wants to irritate others???? Perhaps a trip to a shrink may help but be careful of being forcefully held for treatment as this "God" thing is a delusion. Mental illness.And I agree, what are evolutionists? Don't they constantly evolve so they can never be described? Everything else but religious nutters does.

  3. Making a blog post about this shows that you care about this matter.

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