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Missed my 600th post! Oh well, seems like a good place to wind up for 2011!

Happy New Year, thanks for reading.

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13 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. I am challenging any "atheist" here to come and try to refute my argument., Pv and Reynold.

  2. Done.You're going to need to do better than that

  3. Alex, seriously, how is it that you are not delusional?

  4. There. I didn't know that "formulated" was just another term for "pulled out of your ass".

  5. Reynold I already told you I'm not a magician.

  6. As I said before in reply: Magicians aren't the only people who lie for a living. Though they are at least up front about it.So, what's your game anyway? I don't believe that you're any more religious than me. Your comments like that last one are just too weird…you didn't deal with the topic at all.I figure you're just screwing with us. I reply because well, I could use the practice. Time to convince me that you're a true xian.

  7. You are right reynold I'm not religious.

  8. I figured as much…thing is, why keep up the charade for so long? If you admit that you're not religious, then it's time to take the religious bible verses down from your blog and the intro to your profile, and stop ranting about atheists. It's getting tiresome, and you're starting to make the real religious people look bad by your arguments.

  9. And yes, xianity is a religion. If not, than xian churches have a LOT of backtaxes to pay.

  10. Reynold,Are you a magician?

  11. What's the question to do with anything? You know, if this idiocy is really because you let others onto your computer you should not let them on anymore.

  12. Reynold, if Trinity DOES allow others on his computer, all it does is prove that his entire family needs urgent psychiatric help.

  13. Thanks Alex sweetie pie.

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